Steamboat restaurant is available every where in Malaysia. But have you found any with great view sight?

At Seri Gembira Avenue, we found a steamboat restaurant that is located on the top of a mountain named; There is a Hotpot Restaurant.

The steamboat has recently been opened to the public focusing on delivering self created soup based and also meat balls without any additional MSG. The best seller soup base at There is a Hotpot Restaurant were its first in the industry’s Cantonese Style Lamb Stew with Bean Curd, Chinese Yellow Wine Chicken and North Thailand White Tom Yum serving with more than 100 of fresh hotpot ingredients chosen rigorously by them to promote general health being.

Cantonese Style Lamb Stew with Bean Curd Soup
Amber Beautifying Soup

In their menu, they serves different type of sets ranging from seafood platter, vegetable platter, fresh pork meat platter and homemade ball set. Besides the sets, there were some ala carte dishes that are well received by dinners are as below:

Vegetable Platter
Fresh Pork Meat Platter
Homeball Set Part 1
Homeball Set Part 2
Bean Curd
Darth Vander Cutter Fish Ball with Cheese and Storm trooper Cutter Fish Ball with Salted Egg
Cuttlefish Ball with Carbon Powder and Fried Garlic

While waiting for your soup to boil, you may also order some of their delicious snacks when you enjoy the scenery that i brings there.

Among some of the recommended snacks there were; Fried Crispy Fish skin with Salted Egg, Fried Baby Octopus and Crispy Chiba Tofu.

Fried Crispy Fishskin with Salted Egg
Fried Baby Octopus
Crispy Chiba Tofu

The best thing about this Steamboat was, they also offers free parking right at their doorstep for its guest. For more information on There is a Hotpot Restaurant, check out their Facebook at

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