Malaysian are blessed with my types of foods, but Sri Lankan foods were not common in any part of Malaysia. Recently, we have discovered that there were one restaurant in G Tower which serves authentic Sri Lankan cuisines.

Without further thinking about it, we have pay a visit to to this restaurant named Serendib Restaurant. The name Serendib comes from a long story. Inspired by influences from South Indian, Malay, Chinese, Arab and Dutch cuisines, and the many different ethnicity and cultures in the tiny island, blended together with indigenous ingredients and homely cooking techniques, Sri Lankan food has a taste unique to its own.

While Sri Lanka used to be known as Ceylon by the British, the Arabs affectionately called the beautiful island they visited ‘Serendib’. And this is how the shop name – Serendip comes about! Serendib brings you with the wide selection of dishes and each of it comes uniquely good!

Some of the highly recommended dishes in the menu was; Ceylonese Sambol Set, Fish Cutlet, Chicken Rotti Rolls, Eggplant Sambol, String Hoppers, Coconut Rotti and Puttu.

Ceylonese Sambol Set - Seeni sambol, coconut sambol, katta sambol and curry leaf sambol
Fish Cutlet - Fish, potato and vegetables mixed with selected spices and coated with bread crumbs
Chicken Rotti Rolls - Minced chicken meat, potato and vegetables mixed with selected spices enveloped in bread and grilled to perfection
Eggplant Sambol - Deep fried egg plant mixed with fresh onions, chili, dash of lime juice and salt
String Hoppers
Coconut Rotti

As for its mains, the must try would be their Sri Lankan Crab and Egg Fried Rice.

The meal would not be complete with some desserts! Among the desserts that you must try would be Watalappam and Sweet Appam.

Sri Lankan Crab
Egg Fried Rice
Sweet Appam

For more information on Serendib restaurant, check out their facebook at

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