Special Chinese New Year Dining Experience at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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In welcoming the Rat year, Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur has specially curated a few menus for this Chinese New Year.

Four Season's Executive Chef - Chef Jimmy Wong

At Yun House in Four Seasons, its Executive Chef; Chef Jimmy Wong which has more than 30 years worth of Chinese cooking experience in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Chef Jimmy has put some deep thoughts in creating some Chinese New Year menus which reassembles a traditional cuisines in the olden days paired with the great Chinese traditional dining experience in the restaurant.

Some of these dishes comes from Chef Jimmy’s personal favourite dish that he make for his own family during Chinese New Year.

Among the dishes highlights were; Braised Money Bag Filled with The Head Abalone, Braised Rice Vermicelli with Fresh Crab Meat and Caviar and Dessert Duo (Double Boiled Superior Bird’s Nest with Almond Cream paired with Chef’s Special Fried Rice Cake) which will definitely pamper your taste buds.

Besides that, they also do have a few nutritious and healthy dishes that has been loved by many of its guest were; Fragrant Roasted Duck with Osmanthus Flower and Double Boiled Superior Bird’s Nest and Red Dates.

Braised Money Bag filled with Abalone
Braised Rice Vermicelli with Fresh Crab Meat and Caviar
Dessert Duo

On Chinese New Year of course non of us will be forgetting the all time favourite Yee Sang. Yun House will be offering some special Yee Sang choices of Salmon Belly, Tuna Toro, Australian Lobster and many more.

The Yee Sang could also be added with some Norwegian salmon skin for an extra burst of taste and texture with a handful of crispy noodles on top which symbolizing a breaking into a brand-new lunar year.

Starting from 2nd January 2020 to 8 February 2020, these menu will be available at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur’s Yun House for its guest starting from RM 388-RM688 per nett per person. Guest may also opt to add on a special choices of Yee Sang at RM 148 nett onwards too.

For dinners who would like to dine with collegues or business partners, Chef Jimmy also have curated a lunch menu (RM 10-45 nett per person) with selection of dim sun ranging from traditional to inventive dim sums. Such as Foie Gras Dumpling with Scallops, Crystal Shrimp Dumpling with Fish Roe and Charcoal Lava Bun.

For those who prefer buffet style, Four Season Hotel Kuala Lumpur also offers a wide range of Chinese traditional spread which is inspired by recipes from China and lively morning market across Asia by Chef Matt at Rm 158 nett per person for lunch, RM 58 nett for Saturday brunch, RM 98 nett for Sunday brunch and RM 188 nett for it daily buffet dinner.

Chef's Special Dim Sum Platter - Mushrooms and Truffle Oil Dumpling, Steamed Radish Cake with Dried Scallop and Spring Roll with Foie Gras and Seafood

If you want to have a glamorous Chinese New Year celebration this year, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur would be one of the best choice you have in town. When it comes to ambiance, the restaurant commands an opulent and elegant vibe, with gorgeous floral motifs of the four seasons adorned across walls, a custom made pewter decorative wall to greet you upon entrance, and many more visually attractive decorations and furnishings that makes the restaurant feel modern and classy.

You may also opt to sit next to the window for a sprawling view of the city center and the KLCC park. Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant to have a stylish gathering, romantic dinner or a place to have a fancy business luncheon, Yun House will definitely meet you expectations.

For more information or reservation, check out http://bit.ly/FSKLCNY2020

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