Spargelzeit is a name given for the White Asparagus. We have been used to see green asparagus in our food cuisine all year around but have you every see a white asparagus before?

White Asparagus or Spargelzeit comes from Germany. It is a seasonal vegetables that will only be available during spring time only. Hence it is a very rare vegetables and also because of this, it is recognized as a very valuable vegetables. Besides rare, Spargelzeit has always been the favorite vegetables for Germans because it is rich in nutrients and very low in calories.

But why it is white in colour?

It was actually because Spargelzeit are grown inside the soil and not at the outside. Without exposing to the sunlight, the asparagus are in white color.

This Spring, a favorite German Bar in town; Brotzeit has came out with a new menu using Spargelzeit as the main ingredient in its cuisine. With the theme “Celebrating Spring with the King of Vegetables”, Brotzeis has came out with the following meal:

Spargelsuppe – Cream of White Asparagus Soup

Der Spargel-Klassiker – Classic White Asparagus poached to perfection, drizzled with hollandaise sauce & served with parsley potatoes

Guest could also pick a few sides to go with the Der Spargel-Klassiker (Classic White Asparagus) such as Baked Leg Ham, Scramble Eggs with Numberger Sausage, Bacon-wrapped Pork Medallions, Wiener Schnitzel, Smoked Tyrolienne Speck, Pan-seared Seabass fillet and Norwegian Smoked Salmon.

If you would just wish to get a small plate of Spargelzeit as a side for your meal or to try out, you may get their Spargel Sampling (2 sticks of white asparagus poached to perfection, drizzled with hollandaise sauce and served with parsley potatoes) or Spargel in Speckmantel (2 sticks of bacon-wrapped white asparagus with potato salad).

Pan-seared Seabass fillet, Scramble eggs with Numberger Sausages, Bacon-wrapped Pork Medallions and Wiener Schnitzel

Spargel im Speckmantel – 2 sticks of bacon-wrapped white asparagus with potato salad

To complete the meal, you may also match it with a glass of fresh & invigorating Gruner Veltliner Klassik 2014 too!

For more information on Brotzeit, check out their facebook at

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