Sony Unveils BURANO: The Latest Addition to CineAlta High-End Cinema Cameras

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Sony is thrilled to introduce the all-new BURANO camera, joining the prestigious CineAlta family of digital cinema cameras. BURANO is designed to deliver exceptional cinematic visuals while offering unmatched mobility for single camera operators and small crews.

Key Features:

1. Powerful 8.6K Full-Frame Sensor: BURANO boasts an impressive 8.6K full-frame sensor, inheriting the acclaimed color science from the VENICE cameras. With dual base ISO settings of 800 and 3200 and an impressive 16 stops of dynamic range, it excels in capturing stunning images even in challenging lighting conditions.

2. Versatile Shooting Options: Like all full-frame Cinema Line cameras from Sony, BURANO offers the flexibility to shoot in full-frame, Super 35, and provides a de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses. It supports various frame rates, including 8K at 30fps, 6K at 60fps, and 4K at 120fps.

3. Compact and Lightweight: BURANO’s compact and lightweight design makes it approximately 32mm shorter and 1.4kg lighter than the VENICE 2 camera. Its rugged magnesium chassis ensures durability in demanding shooting environments. Notably, Sony has opted for environmentally conscious materials in the camera and accessory packaging.

4. Built-In Optical Image Stabilization: Setting a new standard, BURANO is the world’s first digital cinema camera with PL-mount to feature in-body image stabilization. This innovative technology corrects unwanted camera shake for both E-mount and PL-mount lenses.

5. Variable ND Filter: BURANO includes an electronic variable ND filter with a range from 0.6 to 2.1, simplifying exposure adjustments in different lighting conditions. This filter also aids in controlling depth of field without altering the aperture.

6. E-Mount Compatibility: With support for over 70 E-mount lenses, BURANO offers exceptional image stabilization and Fast Hybrid AF. It also enables high-precision Subject Recognition AF using AI, further enhancing versatility.

7. Enhanced Ergonomics: BURANO’s design refinements incorporate user feedback, with all menu buttons conveniently located on the operator’s side. Tally lamps are strategically placed for easy crew monitoring, and a versatile 3.5-inch multi-function LCD monitor serves as a viewfinder and control interface.

8. Recording Flexibility: BURANO accommodates recording from HD to 8K, with support for various internal recording formats, including the efficient XAVC H™ for 8K. Filmmakers can also take advantage of Sony’s original compressed RAW format, X-OCN, for post-production freedom.

9. Production Ecosystem: BURANO seamlessly integrates with Sony’s Cinema Line, ensuring color consistency across cameras. It introduces new cinematic looks and supports industry-standard LUTs.

10. Future Updates: Sony plans to release the GP-VR100 Grip remote control, additional functionality like S700 protocol support, and a 1.5x de-squeeze display function for anamorphic lenses in the future, based on user feedback.

11. Availability: The BURANO camera, CFexpress Type B memory cards, and the GP-VR100 Grip remote control (sold separately) will be available in Malaysia from March 2024 onwards.

Sony’s Cinema Line continues to evolve, offering content creators the cinematic look and operational reliability they desire. With its hardware and software enhancements, Sony reaffirms its commitment to the filmmaking community.

For more information, stay tuned for updates on compatibility with the Sony Creators’ Cloud mobile app, Monitor & Control.

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