In recent years, there are more and more people that are health conscious. But many of the foods outside are very strong in taste especially for desserts. We often find many deserts that outside offers are sweet. Some even too sweet till you feel that you have become a bee.

ShopIn a lane in Desa Sri Hartamas, we found one cute Japanese Cafe named Kokoro Confe. This café, are filled with many Japanese snacks and also raw ingredients. Besides that, there are something that we did not know, a Japanese Chef behind this café who innovates many Japanese foods.

The chef origins from the north Japan and has been working around Japan for quite sometime before landed here at Kokoro is the brain for these unique Japaneses style foods where you can’t get it from somewhere else.

His recipe are cater to those health conscious people where they only used original ingredients for their foods creation. They also emphasize on providing an authentic food with less strong flavour. Their foods are not too salty or strong in taste and their deserts are not sweet but they still manage to preserve the original food taste for every dishes that they have.

Below are some of the recommended foods that you would like to consider when you dropby to their café:

Starter Drinks:

  • Ginger and Lemon Grass
  • Butterfly Tea with Lemon Grass

IMG_2331 IMG_2334


Of course there is one of our favourite drinks in this shop was their green tea iced. This green tea is specially made fresh after we order. Have never been tasting such thick but not sweet green tea at any where in KL. As you know green tea has lots of antioxidant that is good for internal organ and also skin.

IMG_2424 IMG_2442


Main Meals:

Nagaimo Tuna Spagetthi (RM 19.90)

  • Teriyaki Rice Set – Chicken (RM 22.90)
  • Cabonara Saba Spagetthi (RM 18.90)
  • Mayo Garlic Grill Salmon Rice Set (RM 25.90)
  • Hokkaido Miso Ramen (RM 20.90)
  • Udon with Karaage Chicken (RM 16.90)

IMG_2347 IMG_2362 IMG_2383 IMG_2400 IMG_2434 IMG_2445



  • Bis Caramel Pancake (RM 16.90)
  • Japanese Macha Swiss Roll (RM 11.90)
  • Japanese Chocolate Swiss Roll (RM 11.90)
  • Japanese Pancake with Macha Gelato (RM 16.90)

IMG_2472 IMG_2475 IMG_2490 IMG_2506


Ice Creams:

  • Macha Parfait (RM 12.90)
  • Genmai Cha Parfait (RM 12.90)

IMG_2509 IMG_2321




For more information, you may visit

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