As vital as the sun is to daily life, long exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and computer’s bluelight can damage your skin, causing darkening and dryness while also accelerating the appearance of spots.

Dr Murad, the influential dermatologist behind his eponymous skincare brand, explains that, “spending four eight-hour workdays in front of a computer exposes you to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes in the mid-day sun. To put this in perspective, “seven minutes of sun exposure at 1pm is powerful enough to induce immediate tanning”.

With proper protection, you can make the most of your summer vacation while maintaining crystal clear skin. Learn how to defend yourself against the sun’s harmful effects like sunburn by arming yourself with the right whitening skincare products before, during, and after sun and computer exposure.

Murad has recently launched a new technology skincare where the revolutionary, ultra-light 100% mineral broad spectrum PA++++ and SPF 50 sunscreen with Environmental Protection Technology shields skin from 5 main causes of damage that accelerate signs of aging such as Blue Light from devices, Pollution, Infrared Radiation, UVA & UVB; City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ .

City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ shields skin from 96% of pollution, 89% of Blue Light from devices and 52% of Infrared Radiation.

his lightweight formula works well on all skin tones and absorbs quickly into the skin with no ashy residue unlike other mineral sunscreens. It leaves a luminous, pearlized finish which works well under makeup or worn alone. A soft peach tint helps color correct skin to immediately boost radiance and even tone while Vitamin C helps brighten skin, even tone, and correct sun damage. Ingredients are safe for sensitive skin and the formula is fragrance free. This product is safe for eye area.

How to Use: Shake well. Apply liberally to face, neck, and chest. For best results, apply a generous, nickel-sized amount after daily moisturizer application for complete protection.

For more information on City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ check our

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