Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant is one of the largest restaurant in Yogyakarta located in Kotagede. Kotagede area is usually a second tourist attraction after the Borobudur Temple. Kotagede is known as a center of silver handicrafts in Yogyakarta. Every tourist who visits Jogja both local and foreign always want to know more about Kotagede.

Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant stands in a building that has a high historical value. The building was founded in the 1800s by Pak Prawiro Soewarno or familiar with the greeting of Pak Tembong. Pak Tembong is a successful and famous businessman in the Kotagede region, he is native Kotagede or often called the Suku Kalang.

Pak Tembong formely is a businessman of gold and pawn shops. His customers are from the circle of nobility of the Sultan’s Palace. He has been trusted as the main supplier of jewelry needs of the relatives of the Sultan’s Palace.

Sekar Kedhaton complex building is a blend of Javanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch architecture. Because at that time, many of Pak Tembong’s relatives came from these countries. So they give ideas to Pak Tembong for the design of his residence. Even this building was occupied by Dutch soldiers, then Pak Tembong exiled himself to Bantul area until the end of his life. This building was once made the Army Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia before the independence period.

Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant is a very unique place where guests can not only enjoy the best food menu, but here we can also find the luxury and comfort of the atmosphere with the touch of grandeur of a thick ethnic Javanese decoration.

This restaurant is located at JL. Tegal Gendu No. 28 Kotagede which has a very unique service, where the service is called Rijstafel service. Rijstafel itself is a Dutch version service with indonesian food which consists of various kinds of side dishes and vegetables such as grilled shrimp, beef satay, bunthil papaya, grilled chicken, and fruits combined with excellent service.

While enjoying a very strong ethnic Javanese decoration and satisfying service, we can also enjoy a wide selection of varied ala carte menu packaged in a Javanese, Asian and Western fusion.

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