Fish & Co.’s recently created exclusively for the festive season to provide a delicious hearty meal to enjoy with loved one.

Diners who opt for the Sedap Feast (valid from 16 May – 17 June 2018) for 2 will kickstart their meal with a wholesome and sumptuous Soup of the Day (the daily special varies between two tantalising variety; creamy and indulgent Fish Chowder, and our decadently rich Mushroom Soup) for two, along with two picks from a variety of signature Fish & Chips menu, and topping off this meal with two selections of refreshing mocktails from the beverage menu.

Diners could select 2 Fish & Chips from 8 menus that consist of New York Fish & Chips, Swiss Fish & Chips, Danish Fish & Chips, The Best Fish & Chips, Salted Egg Fish & Chips, Afrika Fish & Chips, Arctic Fish & Chips and Malaysia Fish & Chips.

New York Fish & Chips – Signature Fish & Chips stuffed with parmesan cheese and topped with lemon butter sauce.

Danish Fish & Chips – Sink your teeth into this Fish & Chips oozing mozzarella cheese with a hint of chili. Topped with lemon butter sauce.

Afrika Fish & Chips – Classic topped with smokey Peri-Peri sauce. Waka Waka Afrika!

Swiss Fish & Chips – Fish & Chips with mozza-oregano stuffing, topped with garlicky lemon butter sauce.

Salted Egg Fish & Chips – Freshly battered Fish & Chips in a salted egg yolk concoction. Ridiculously addictive!

As for mocktails, diner could select for the list; Classic Mojito, Lychee Mojito, Passion Fruit Mojito, Citrus Mojito, Citrus Granate, Limo Fizz and Peach Rainbow.

All Fish & Co’s seafood are prepared in a simple and straightforward manner in order to preserve the natural taste of the seafood. They used only the freshest seafood, as well as natural and wholesome ingredients like trans-fat free oil, herbs, olive oil and various spices from around the world to ensure it guest will always get to enjoy great tasting and healthy meals in generous portions.

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