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Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) and SME Corp Malaysia are hosting the NGO@Makerthon Programme in collaboration with Biji-biji Initiative and Me.reka. This programme aims to empower grassroots NGOs with a network of resources, expertise and opportunities to amplify their community-centric impact. The NGO@Makerthon programme will transform NGOs through an entrepreneurial mindset shift to harness digital technologies and leverage communal capacity to solve their most pressing challenges.

The NGO@Makerthon initiative is a 4-week digital programme where 24 participating NGOs will get the opportunity to acquire new skills to help them adapt to the 21st century. 8 innovative learning modules have been specifically curated to upskill and energize NGOs through the 4-week long virtual engagement. The programme will culminate with a 2-day physical Makerthon hosted at Ruang Reka, our community makerspaces located in Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu, where participating NGOs will journey through the design thinking approach to prototype innovative solutions to community challenges.

Are you ready to amplify your internal structure to achieve greater impact? Do you want to upskill your team with various digital strategies and resources to solve community challenges? Sign up now at

“NGOs are integral stakeholders that influence, impact and represent our communities and their challenges. By joining the NGO@Makerthon, organisations will be transformed to tackle the challenges of the future by equipping the technologies of the future. NGOs will have the opportunity to ideate, collaborate and curate applicable solutions to the complex problems faced by communities across the region,” said Rashvin Pal Singh, Biji-biji Initiative and Me.reka Group CEO.

In providing intimate access to a network of resources, technologies and expertise, the NGO@Makerthon aims to foster a 21st century mindset, allowing NGOs to develop new strategies for financial independence and amplified social impact.

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