SEERS launches an all-new Smart Technology that can turn your ordinary abode into an energy saving Smart Home with just a tap.

Malaysia’s leading manufacturer and developer of environmental-friendly and energy-efficient water heater goes above and beyond with its latest invention the SEERS Intelligence System. The smart technology allows you to remotely control your water heater from your phone (both Android and iOS), laptop computer, desktop and tablet from just about anywhere.

The SEERS Intelligent System is a sophisticated technological invention that comprises several ranges of products and utilities embedded technology to allow you to connect with your appliances via the internet and manage them from a single device. You can now make that trip out of town without having to worry about receiving that dreaded emergency call or wondering if that switch you forgot to turn off will burn your house down.

An Affordable Sophisticated Technology

The Seers Intelligent System is undoubtedly the technology that will shape the future of living. It’s an invention that reflects how modern invention has transcended space and time by making it possible to connect to your sanctuary from just about anywhere in the world via the internet. By allowing you to control your devices from your phone, you can now effectively control your energy consumption thus reducing carbon footprint.

power-gateway pen-drive-gatewayFrom your electronic appliances to your security system, the SEERS Intelligence System is able to connect to your devices and appliances via the SEERS i-Power Gateway that helps boost your WiFi connection especially if you live in a large home; while SEERS i-Pen Drive Gateway facilitates the WiFi connection to your devices and appliances. The information picked up from these devices will then be delivered to your electronic devices of your choice through the SEERS Intelligence app.

Consumption Control

Connect your water heater to a power point using the SEERS i-Plug and predetermine the amount of water you want to consume through the App. At the end of your session, you will see a summary of your usage


i.e. how much of water was used and the estimated bill. This comes in handy when it comes to controlling your children’s bath time—you will no longer receive any surprises at the end of the month when the bill reaches your mailbox.

Time Settings

Let’s face it when it comes to luxuriating in a steamy shower, it get quite hard to not overstay your welcome. The timer feature on the Seers Intelligent System App can help set a limit to your time in the shower, especially if you’re running on tight schedule and has a only a few minutes left on the clock for a thorough wash. You don’t even have to worry about turning off the switches before scurrying out of the house.

Other Conveniences at your Fingertips

i-plugi-multi-deviceThe Seers Intelligent System not only help save energy consumption for your home, it also makes day to day tasks a lot simpler. The SEERS i-Plug (non-wireless) and SEERS i-Multi Device (wireless) are compatible with multiple devices allowing you to turn just about any appliances in your home into energy savers.

i-air-conditioningi-door-sensorEver experience that nagging feeling that you forgot to lock the front door or shut the window because you were rushing out of the house? With SEERS iDoor Sensor, you will receive real time alert on your phone that enables you to lock/unlock your door without having to be physically present. While the SEERS i-Conditioning will allow you to control your cooling system and turn it on in advance so you’d feel at home as soon as you step through the door after a hard day at work.

Around the Clock Security

i-motion-detector i-smoke-detector sos-alarmTake the matter of home safety and security into our own hands even when you’re away on vacation halfway across the world with the SEERS i-Motion Detector, the SEERS i-SOS Alarm and the SEERS i-Smoke Detector. The SEERS i-SOS Alarm is particularly handy when installed in every room for those who have elderly parents or young children living with them. In case of a break in or a medical emergency, these devices will send an alert/feedback to your phone when triggered. The combination of these trio will keep your home safer than Fort Knox at just a fraction of the price of other security systems out there.

For more information, visit http://bit.ly/2fdMzZ8.

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