Once you have a travel date, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind was what to pack. Many of us tend to over pack things as we are afraid that we do not have things that we need when the time comes.

Without those items, we will not feel secure and we do have limited luggage space and we event sometimes tend to over buy stuffs and souvenirs during our travel and ended up not having enough space to pack all of it into our luggage.

All these problems are possible to always happened when you travel. Now worry not, we have a solutions to your problem. What if i tell you that you could save almost 50% of your luggage space with the same amount of things in your luggage?

Recently we found one solutions to our all time problem with Pacum. Pacum is a Indiegogo project by Masterspace. It has already raised over $290,000 via Indiegogo over 3136 backers updated till March 16, 2019. It is a multi-functional, handheld vacuum cum inflator. Its primary purpose is to evacuate the air from vacuum bags, but it can also serve as an inflator for sports balls, small inflatable toys, and floats. It is not a high-pressure device so it won’t inflate tires.

We have tried out the vacum and found out that it could even save up to 80% of our travel spaces and inflate our basketball too.

Design and features

The Pacum feels solid and well made. The front, pictured above, has three buttons. The lower (+) is the inflator button. The top two are on a dual-button style of button featuring the “eco-mode” (-) and “supermode” (=) buttons. Based on the sound, eco-mode delivers air more slowly than “supermode”. In addition, “supermode” automatically turns off when it determines that all air has been removed. A vertical indicator light is below the buttons. White indicates power, blue indicates deflation, orange indicates inflation, and red indicates errors.

On the top, we find the USB-C port. At the bottom, you will find the inflator (+) and deflator (-) ports.

The pack also comes with other accessories like Inflator needle, Inflator narrow tip adapter, Inflator wide tip adaptor, “Padaptor” vacuum adaptor for other bag brands and also a small travel bag to fit the Pacum and accessories.

The included vacuum bag has a one-way valve in the center of the bag. The bag is sealed with a dual-channel zip-loc style zipper. A clip-on tool that slides along the top makes closing the bag really simple.

The next time when you travel, bring along Pacum and you leave your worries behind with much more space to spare for you new brought items and souvenirs.

Pacum currently are available for sale at Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pacum-it-s-time-to-end-the-struggle-with-space#/ at USD 36 as tested, USD 47 with five additional bags. For more information or enquries, you may also check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PacumVac/

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