In our current world, wifi and internet data is very important in our lives. Have you ever having hard time searching for free wifi whenever you travel?

It is frustrating when you need internet connection the most and it is not available. We normally will rely on hotel wifi to work on our activities. But what happen when you are on the go?

Have you been thinking to subscribe to your telco’s data roaming packages? Let’s check out the up-to-date (Aug 2018 – SEA region) telco data roaming packages that is available:

1) Maxis – RM 38/day for 500 MB
2) Celcom – RM 38/day for 500MB
3) Digi – RM 15/day for 500 MB
4) uMobile – RM 36/day Unlimited Data

Compare to Roaming ManRM 15/day for *Unlimited Data!

This is the reason why we categorize Roaming Man as the most affordable Data Roaming available in the market now.

Our team have tried out Roaming Man in Singapore and found its data speed’s could match out Maxis Fiber speed at home.

We have used it to order a grab, working with our laptop reply emails and surfing online, getting directions out of google maps and of course surfing social medias, youtube and also whatsap.

The device could connect up to 5 devices and would last up to 12 hours non-stop.

And not to be worries if you are running out of battery. As long as you have a powerbank with you, you could also charge it while on the go.

Roaming Man covers more than 138 countries and regions around the world from SEA, Europe, USA, Middle East, Caribbean, African and Oceania.

All you need to do is to register online at anywhere and pick it up at any selected airport or get it be delivered to you!

For more information on Roaming Man, check out their website at

Enjoy RM 10 OFF for any Roaming Man Wifi Rental when you purchase online.

Just insert the promo code RMY10 on

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