What would you do whenever you need to have some data when you are traveling? To save some money, many of us would bring along an extra mobile phone and get a local SIM cards with data loaded into it when we have arrived at our destination. Some that loves to have lesser hassle, they would leverage into their own network provider’s data roaming packages which is much costly.

What if we are traveling into different countries during a trip? Do we need to purchase different SIM cards from different countries?

Or should we subscribe to each and every countries data roaming through out network providers when ever we cross countries?

So… Why do you need a data roaming when you traveling?

Unless you are following a tour agency for your travel. Or else data roaming might come out handy and life saving. You may need it to search for the location, direction to the location, best place to eat, ordering UBER and many more.

Checking emails, whatsapping and of course not forgetting to browse your favourite social medias and sharing life photos or videos of your traveling is something that has been a part of our daily lives activities that couldn’t be separated. All these could be done at anytime if you have a data roaming by your side.

Browsing Websites and Emails while on the go
Looking for UBER
Found the hidden Thema Bench in Baden
Found the Oldest Vegetarian Shop in Zurich
Navigating to Shopping Street in London
Found the top of Ezy Village with great view in Nice

During our last Europe trip, we have tried out a Data Roaming provider named Roaming Man. The reason that we have opt of this provider was because of its affordability and the ability to cross countries without having us to change plans or sim cards.

We have opt for their Europe Premium Pocket WiFi which covers 49 countries in Europe at only RM 39 per day. In this package, it enables us to use up to 3GB a day with the fastest local 4G connection in the town and you may also use the rest of the day at 384kbps with unlimited 3G speed. The device could connects up to 5 devices at the same time while lasting for more than 12 hours upon fully charged.


During the Europe trip, we have used Roaming Man in London, Switzerland, France and also Monaco and we found the line that we have got was very consistent and fast. Our team has established a love for Roaming Man right after the trip we went. It seems like this is the best data roaming services that we have used after so long of traveling.

Backpacking is easy if you have data roaming with you. You could do research on the spot of get Google for help whenever you are lost.

Renting Roaming Man for your trip are also so easy. All you have to do is to do a booking online at their website https://www.roamingman.my and pick up your device in KLIA airport.

Pick Up from KLIA
Easy Return

For those who wanted to rent one last minutes, you may also walk-in into their kiosk in the airport for rent one (subject to availability). Hence it is advisable for you to book online before collecting it in their KLIA kiosk. Their return process was also very easy. Just drop the device into their Drop Box in their kiosk and you are done.

To check out more about Roaming Man’s Europe Premium Pocket Wifi, visit https://www.roamingman.my/europe-49-countries-premium-pocket-wifi-399/

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