If you are looking for an unique place to hang out, Redynasty is one of the place that you need to consider. What is this Redynasty about? Redynasty is a new oriental inspired bar serving western fusion cuisines, cocktails, beers and also non alcoholic drinks which is suitable for any kind of hangout and gathering.

The bar was being designed with heart by its owner with a wish to infuse some Asian oriental feels into the western bar. The bar was nicely decorated with different types of oriental lanterns, tables and chairs together with some western classical sofas at the side. With the oriental wall paintings, the owner has perfectly combined both culture into one place.

Besides the environment, the other thing that needs to be highlighted was its foods! Redynasty foods were inspired by the ancient Imperial cuisines. Its Asian Western fusion foods were unique yet delicious. Among the foods that has blown us away were; Norwegian Salmon with Risotto, Seafood Aglio Oglio, Signature Seafood Pizza, Pan Seared Chicken Chop, Lamb Chilli Con Carne with Fries, Seafood Aglio Olio and Poisedon Platter.

Norwegian Salmon with Risotto - Norwegian salmon fillet with Sambuca, shimeiji mushroom and risotto
Poisedon Platter - Norwegian salmon fillet, calamari rings, spicy garlic prawn and fries
Seafood Aglio Olio - Linguine with shrimp, squid, garlic, chili and parsley
Signature Seafood Pizza
Lamb Chilli Con Carne with Fries
Pan Seared Chicken Chop - Chicken leg with roasted potatoes, sauteed capsicum and broccoli

Not forgetting to highlight on their own special drinks for Cocktails were; Crystal Potion, Oriental Beauty and Rising Moon and for mocktails are Red Blade and Virgin Colada. After a delicious meal with friends and families, let’s not forget about desserts! Its Crepe with Signature Rose Sauce paired with either chocolate or vanilla ice cream are one of the must try desserts in Redynasty. Its freshly made crepe was one of the best in town.

Red Blade and Virgin Colada
Rising Moon
Crystal Potion
Oriental Beauty
Crepe with Signature Rose Sauce with Chocolate Ice Cream
Crepe with Signature Rose Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream

Redynasty will be one of eRayn3’s favourite place to hang out. For all you know, you might meet us there when you visit Redynasty too. Chill like emperors, feast like emperors and party like emperors at Redynasty.

For more information on Redynasty, check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/redynasty.kl

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