Tramadol Online Florida Delivery As a Malaysian, we love to try out varieties of cuisines. Besides Malay, Chinese, Indian and Baba Nyonya cuisines, the common types of cuisines that we loves are Western, Italian, Spanish, French and many more.

But seldom we heard about Egyption cuisines. But now we are able to try out a real Egyption cuisines in One Utama. Named Tuts Egyption Eatery, they Egyption owner decided to open a restaurant in town to offers their home specialty cuisines to Malaysian.

The restaurant is named after King Tut, the monarch who once ruled ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago, Tut’s Egyptian Eatery is the very first Egyptian restaurant in town. Inspired by the rich heritage and unique flavors of the Egyptian Kitchen, every dish served is so diverse in its flavors that it indulges & pampers your tastebuds for an unforgettable dining experience. Diners could opt to eat like an Egyptian King through 6 steps; Choosing A Signature 1/4 Grilled Chicken, Choose Chicken Flavors, Choose a Free Side Dish between Coleslaw, Aromatic Rice, House Fries, Tut’s Fries, Garlic Bread and many more at RM 18.95. Add Additional Savoury such as Molokhia, Koshari Grain Bowl or Mini Chicken Pasta Bechamel by topping up RM 7.90, Add a signature Egyptian drink; priced starting from RM 5.30 and Add a Desserts either Creamy Konafa (RM 17.40) or Om Ali Bread Pudding (RM 11.40).
Signature 1/4 Grilled Chicken
Aromatic Rice
Tut's Fries
Garlic Bread
Koshari Grain Bowl
Tut's Signature Drink: Karkade and Egyptian Lemon Mint

Besides that, their menu consisted of a handful of solo starters and sides, alongside chicken being in most of their main courses such as Lamb Haoshi Baked Foldover, Bamya Lamb Stew. The combination of ingredients used may looked diverse, but the flavors were not unexpected at all. The meal would be best to end with its specially made Premium Egyption Coffee.

Lamb Haoshi Baked Foldover
Bamya Lamb Stew
Premium Egyptian Coffee Tut’s is located at the corner lot in the Oval Concourse, LG Floor in New Wing, beside Yong Sheng shop or opposite Kluang Station. For more information, check out their facebook at

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