A footstep in the future for Bakery Business

Puratos will not be a common name for us as a consumer but it will definitely be a well known brand in bakery industry. Puratos is the leading innovator in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry. Puratos was founded on year 2000 by Mr Bernard Poplimont with an aim to assist bakery business to grow through great ingredients and now they are one of the main supplier for bakery, patisserie and chocolate for more than 100 countries around the world.

Taste of Tomorrow Conference

Earlier this week, Puratos has organized its Taste of Tomorrow conference at Puratos Malaysia’s office to share its insights into emerging consumer trends in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry.

More than 150 bakery professionals from all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei has attended the conference.

The event started with an opening speech by its Founder cum Director of SEA Region; Mr. Bernard Poplimont and followed by the market insight on consumer future trends by Ms. Lynn Yeung; APAC Marketing Director of Puratos Malaysia.

According to Mr. Bernard Poplimont, there were 3 ways Puratos Malaysia could help business to achieve success. 1) By providing more quality ingredients to business 2) To provide better ingredient pricing in order to give better margins to businesses 3) Convenience to business by providing a total solutions to bakery, patisseries and chocolate industry by giving more recipe ideas to its clients.

Mr. Bernard Poplimont, Founder cum Director of SEA Region Puratos Malaysia
Ms. Lynn Yeung; APAC Marketing Director Puratos Malaysia

Meanwhile Ms. Lynn Yeong, has shares their findings on the Overview of The Taste of Tomorrow (taste by 2030). In 2015 trend, to have a good products always falls into The Bake Good Triangle; taste, health and freshness.

Ms. Sandy Shiek, the Marketing Manager for Puratos Malaysia

In 2030, consumer has divided into 5 types of consumer with different needs; 1) Crafty products – consumer believe its authentic and willing spend more 2) Ethical Lifestyle – These kind of consumer care about the planet and what happening around them 3) Transparency – These consumers are concern on what it is being made from 4) Ultimate Convenience – These consumers are focusing on their convenience in getting the products – Quick – Easy – Convenient are their main priority 5) Next Level Experience – These kind of consumers loves customization such as customizing photo on their latte and many more.

Ms. Sandy Shiek, the Marketing Manager for Puratos Malaysia also shares their secrets of their chocolate baking ingredients; Tegral Satin Reduced Sugar Cake Chocolate which consist of 25 reduced sugar and contains chocolate powder that given the dark bittersweet taste tailored made for Malaysian taste preference.

The conference has ended with a visit to Puratos’s 4 marketplace; #ChocolateLoverCafe, #DelectablePatisserieSalon #TomorrowTechnology and #AuthenticSourdoughBakery to learn more about Puratos products and how these could help bakery business.

For more details on Puratos Malaysia, check out their website at http://www.Puratos.com.my

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