Tea has been a common drink for Chinese during the olden days. But do you know why Chinese loves tea?

Its because tea have many benefits to our human body. Tea contain antioxidants which prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Subsequently, it helps to delay the aging process and lower the risk of cancer.

Dato' Ang Poon Chuan age 84, a real prove of longetivity

Dato’ Ang Poon Chuan age 84, a real prove of longevity

Besides, drinking black tea can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as it lower the risk of cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Tea is also a good choice for those who want to lose weight or control the weight. In addition, drinking tea helps in food digestion too.

The Group Managing Director of Syarikat Thong Guan Trading Sdn Bhd (STGT); the largest manufacturers and distributors of tea and coffee and other related products in Malaysia under its “888” brand Datuk Ang Pooh Chuan was at their 75-year anniversary celebrations last Wednesday at The Forum KL said “I’m here to prove that tea could help in longevity and i am one of the good examples here.”

With more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing high quality tea, 888 Tea & Coffee has become the most well-know brands for their in North Malaysia and its expanding it reach to the South.

888 Teh Wangi Ros and Lemon Tea

888 Teh Wangi Ros and Lemon Tea

Teh Wangi Ros 888 is the most saleable tea in Kelantan and among Top 3 in Malaysia and now with also their other popular “instant products” such as 3-in-1 beverages to suit modern living.

This product gives FRESH ROSE PETALS aroma that lingers in you cup. Its natural tea colour, alcohol free and non-acerbity.

Besides that, 888 also offers 888 Lemon Tea which has been increasingly popular as this flavored tea with a fresh burst of lemon makes a great afternoon tea that refreshingly stirs your senses.

888 Black Tea & Teh Ceylon

888 Black Tea & Teh Ceylon

The 888 Black Tea / 888 Teh Ceylon tea has a strong aroma and is the best for highly sought by their local mamak to make the great “TEH TARIK” blend that we normally tasted.

Their 3-in-1 Instant Milk Tea was also a most sought after tea specially from the urban area; it is well known for its full bodied, smooth and aromatic tea with a thick foamy taste of a good cup of “The Tarik” at anytime of the say at the comfort of your home.

Pu’er tea is most sought-after for its abilities in lowering cholesterol. What is interesting is that the longer the tea is aged, the better the health benefit. However, when aging pu’er, it is important to store the tea properly in unglazed clay containers.

Pu Er Tea

Pu Er Tea

When pu’er is more aged, there is more lovastatin. Lovastatin is a medication used for lowering levels of bad cholesterol. As a result, pu’er tea is also useful for reducing cardiovascular disease risk. The “aged” value of pu’er tea is the same concept as a  well-aged bottle of scotch.

Today 888 is popular known for its exceptional great taste and health benefits not only among the grassroots rural communities which were known for but it has reached the modern urban consumer dynamically too.

P/s: The company has also received certification from Halal Certification from JAKIM, GMP & HACPP certification from Ministry of Health Malaysia and many more. So it is definitely safe and beneficial to be consumed.

Here is a short snap shorts on some additional 888 Tea highlights during the event for your viewing pleasure:

Besides tea, 888 also produces; 3-in-1 Instant White Coffee, Kopi “O” D’Co Chocolate Malt Drink, 3-in-1 Breakfast Cereal and 8-in-1 Instant Oat Cereal Drink.

For more information on 888 Tea & Coffee, you may visit their website at http://888teacoffee.com.my/

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