We have heard many cases of people get electrocuted while showering. Does it means that all electrical are unsafe? We loves of family and we do not wish to see the same thing happened to our families. of course. According to our research, our current instant water heater in the market are implementing a same water heating concept as our electric kettle.

If you look into our electric kettle, there were a steal coil at the bottom of it. That is the heating element that heats up our water in the kettle. If the steal coil crack even a single hair crack, the electric will flow out merging together with the water and caused electrocution.

Old Water Heater

SEERS Water Heater

Does it means that instant water heaters are not safe? Of course now, recently we have found out a local brand named SEERS has invented an instant water heater with a new water heating element by replacing it with ceramic tools as a heating element.

SEERS water heater offers 11 safety points on its water heater with:

We have tried out one of it’s new model that has a build in water pump suitable for houses with low water pressure and we found out that is more better than our old ones. By using SEERS instant water heater, we found out that:

1) Our home water pressure improves
2) Hot water flows more faster
3) More consistent water temperature throughout the use
5) NO more worries on life safety

Even the electrician who fix the water heater for us mentioned that SEERS water heater is one of the better one that he have ever see. If you would like to get more information on SEERS water heater, check out their website at http://www.seers.com.my

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