After 70 years of cooking and perfection from its ancestors. Yap’s family have decided to share their family pride with the public by opening up Yeah Cuisine.

It is a humble store located in one of Ampang’s neighborhood, Yeah Cuisine offers varieties for Hakka homecook comfort foods to its diners.

Breakfast – Pork Skin Curry Chee Cheong Fun

Yeah Cuisine offers Original Pork Bun, Pork Porridge, Dried Minced Pork Lou Shu Fun and also Curry Pork Skin Chee Cheong Fun as their breakfast set which comes with a hot coffee or tea.

Their signature foods that they offers was of course their pork patty meals with has been marinated and cooked with their own home recipe for 1 hour to make it tender and juicy; Original, Mui Choi, Tong Choi, Salted Fish, Dried Squid and Dried Oyster flavor with an options to mix with rice or noodles.

Classic – Coriander Flavour Rice

Premium – Salted Fish Flavour Noodles

New – Braised Pork Rice

Its newly created dishes was Curry Pork Patty Rice, Chinese Sausage with Salted Fish Patty Rice and Braised Pork Rice.

The rice and noodles set above also comes with a complimentary soup that has been cooked for 10-12 hours (to extract essence and also taste from the ingredients)

Besides these main meals, they also offer snack for those who would like to have a lighter meal such as Fried Wanton, Fried Salted Tau Pok, Fried Salted Foo Chok, Wanton Soup, Salted Tau Pork Soup, Salted Foo Chok Soup.

Snacks – Fried Wanton

Snacks – Dried Squid Pork Bun

They also have some special pork bun which fits for any buns lovers; Original Pork Bun, Mui Choi Pork Bun, Tung Choi Pork Bun, Heong Choi Pork Bun, Dried Fish Prok Bun, Dried Squid Pork Bun and Dried Oyster Pork Bun.

For more information on Yeah Cuisine, check out their facebook at

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