igocafe happy petsWhen we are living in a city and all we can afford to stay are the apartments and condos, it’s pity for pet lovers who enjoy pets companion not being able to live with a pet.

Even if we live in landed properties and we do have pets, we do have some worries.

Whenever we leave them behind at home, we feel a tinge of sadness. Will they be safe, all alone at home?

Furthermore, if not all restaurants are family friendly, how many more are pet friendly?

Thankfully, even though most cafes in Malaysia don’t (literally) open their doors to pets, there are many that will welcome your furkid – even if it means dining at the al fresco area.

igocafe pets grooming igocafe cover

igocafe openingNow there is one more place that could help to filed up the emptiness in pets lovers.

I Go Cafe; a pet cafe located at Jalan Genting Klang has just opened up its door to public yesterday.

I Go Cafe is a place where pets lovers could play with their in-house pets (Poms, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Pariah, Shibainu, Corgi, Beagle, Poddle, BorderCollie, Chowchow, Wooly Husky, Schnauzer & Pugs) in the cafe or the pets owners can dine with their own pets and let their pets interact with other in-house pets in the cafe as well. Besides that, I Go Cafe also offers Pet Daycare, Pets Grooming and also Pet Boarding as well for pets owners.

igocafe pet lovers igocafe spending time with pets igocafe posing with pets igocafe playing with pets

I Go Cafe offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, and freshly made cakes. It’s the perfect place to take time out with your furry friend who can choose to dine from a menu as delicious as yours.

igocafe counter igocafe food and drinks

Here is a short snap shorts on some additional I Go Cafe during the launch for your viewing pleasure:

The next time you’re going to leave your furkids behind again, head to this cafes and bring them along too! For more information on i Go Cafe, visit https://www.facebook.com/igocafekl


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