Pepsi introduces the drink from the future – NEW Pepsi Black promises a bolder taste with no calorie
• Consumers can now experience their favourite calorie free cola, guilt-free
• The new drink promises to give the bold taste that Pepsi fans love

Pepsi Black 320ml

Pepsi Black 320ml

Pepsi, the world-renowned cola-flavoured beverage made to quench your thirst, announces a NEW cola. The new Pepsi promises to bring the future to Malaysians today by providing a zero-calorie product without compromising on the bold cola taste. This means that consumers can continue to enjoy their favourite cola brand Pepsi without having the guilt as they will be consuming a no calorie drink.

This innovative product and exciting beverage of the future, which is now available at all retailers and outlets across the nation, is built on consumers’ changing sentiments towards the consumption of flavoured carbonated soft drinks. More consumers are becoming health conscious seeking for healthier beverage option but still look forward to the satisfaction derived from the bold taste of Pepsi. The new Pepsi checks all the boxes in that it will not compromise on taste at all and will maintain the exact flavour.

Indeed, Pepsi wants all Malaysians to Drink the Future Now, the new campaign tagline coined to represent how Pepsi really is the taste from the future. “Advances in research and technology has allowed for the creation of an unparalleled recipe and formula that keeps Pepsi delicious, providing a future where consumers can experience great cola taste with no calorie,” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Vice President of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd.

Pepsi Black 400ml

Pepsi Black 400ml

The new Pepsi has also received the Healthier Choice approval that is granted by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The Healthier Choice Logo (HCL) allows for consumers to make informed choices and in particular the right food decisions. This is especially important as consumers need to be educated and facilitated in selecting healthier options of food and drinks.

As part of the exciting new launch, Etika has erected a huge outdoor display that will alert Pepsi fans of the new Pepsi availability. Located on Wisma Damansara along Jalan Semantan, the outdoor display, attached with a countdown timer, will feature a descending chiller that will be lowered a few meters each day till 30 March 2018. The countdown timer and chiller will be visible and begin seven days before launch from 23 March onwards. In the chiller are bottles of Pepsi, made to signify how the highly anticipated, futuristic product variant will soon reach consumers in Malaysia.

Once the countdown reaches zero, an exciting lineup of activities will take place at Wisma Damansara where consumers and Pepsi fans will be delighted with various fun and interactive games. There will also be ample opportunity to try out the new Pepsi and experience the true bold taste of cola as the drink from the future will be lowered alongside the chiller on the billboard. Consumers are encouraged to have the first of the product and join in the fun on 30 March.

Consumers can find the new Pepsi in a variety of forms that include the can 320ml, the four-can pack (320ml), the PET bottle 400ml and PET bottle 1.5L. The product is available nationwide across major retailers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and provision shops.

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