Penang Indian Foods Near Bukit Bintang

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Malaysia not only has been blessed with many types of foods. Even the same cultural foods in different places have their own unique taste. Melaka’s Baba Nyonya’s foods were different than the Penang Baba Nyonya foods. Chinese foods from the North are also not the same as the South Chinese foods. Sames goes to Indian foods. Penang Indian foods have their own unique taste too. Even we are still not able to have interstate travel now, it doesn’t stop us to have the ability to enjoy different foods from all over the country.

Nestled in Jalan Berangan (near Bukit Bintang), lies an unique shops named; Warong Chaangkat. Warong Chaangkat is a stall where it sells traditional Penang Indian foods to its neighborhood’s diners. This little cute place offers varieties of Penang foods ranging from Indian Mixed Rice, Rojak Penang (Pasembor), Rojak Penang Sotong, Penang Cendol, and varieties of Goreng meals such as Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng Mamak, Kuew Teow Goreng, Bee Hoon Goreng, Maggie Goreng and many more.

Once we get to know about this unique stall, we have taken a chance to visit this shop last week to try out its dishes there. For our mains, we have ordered Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Kuew Teow Goreng, Lamb Bone Marrow (which is only available every Saturday), Rojak Penang (Pasembor), and of course nor forgetting Penang Cendol to end the meals. Penang Goreng-Goreng’s meals were out of what we expected. It’s hard to explain how it tastes like but I really taste good. We personally love its Kuew Teow Goreng and Lamb Bone Marrow which is tender and juicy.

Its Rojak Penang was perfectly mixed with different types of ingredients to its Penang special satay sauce. Making us can’t stop eating it. While its Penang Cendol reassembles the Penang Cendol that we had in Penang. They have used natural coconut sugar instead of the artificial sugar that some restaurants used.

Overall it was a good experience dining in this stall. The foods were good and ending the meal with a glass of Masala Tea, brings us to a calmer world. If you are nearby or looking for some special foods to try out, why not head on to Warong Chaangkat to try out some of its dishes there.

For more information on Warong Chaangkat, check out their Instagram at

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