Palsaik Opens Its Largest Outlet in Sunway Velocity

Food Slider If you are a Korean BBQ lover, this would be good news for you. The most sought-after Korean BBQ restaurant in town’ Palsaik Samgyupsal is now opening its largest update outlet in Sunway Velocity Mall.

Palsaik means ‘eight colours’ in Korean. Samgyupsal is the Korean word for pork belly. As such Palsaik Samgyupsal means eight colored pork belly. The eight colours are provided by the marinades with which the pork belly is flavoured with.

Tramadol 50Mg To Buy At Palsaik, the eight flavours pork belly are;

  • Ginseng – Pork Belly Marinated in Ginseng Sauce
  • Wine – Pork Belly Marinated in Wine Sauce
  • Garlic – Pork Belly Marinated in Garlic Sauce
  • Herb – Pork Belly Marinated in Herb Sauce
  • Curry – Pork Belly Marinated in Curry Sauce
  • Pine – Pork Belly Marinated in Pine Needles Sauce
  • Soy Bean Paste – Pork Belly Marinated in
    Soy Bean Paste Sauce and
  • Hot pepper – Pork Belly Marinated in
    Hot Pepper Sauce All the colour is naturally derived, making the pork served at Palsaik 100% natural and free from colouring and any synthetic flavour additives. This is one of the reasons Palsaik Samgyupsal is such a healthy meal. Depending on the number of people eating, you can also opt for either the Premium, Eight Colour set, or Three Colour set.

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We had been recommended to get its Palsaik Pork Belly Eight Color set (for 2-4 person) where it comes with all 8 pork belly flavors and a choice of soups either Clear Clamp Soup, Seafood Soy Bean Paste Soup OR Kimchi Soup.

Its pork is grilled beginning from the original, non-flavoured belly, graduating from the lighter to the strongest flavours. Once the pork is grilled, the server will place it on a plate from which you will be free to choose your favourite flavour. The large salad leaves are for wrapping the pork and kimchi in for a fully balanced meal.

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Tramadol Order Overnight Shipping P/s: All sets will come with refillable side dishes, mushrooms, and salads.

Ultram Tramadol Online After we had tried it, its pork belly was indeed rich in flavors, the meat is tender and juicy too. Paired with the leaves and sides, it makes it even more tastier and refreshing to be eaten. If you are a Korean BBQ food lover, Palsaik is the place that you must not miss.

Tramadol Order Online Uk Besides that, we had also tried out 2 of its side dishes; its Sweet Chili Prawns and Seafood Pancake in the outlet and it was equally good too! Head on to any of its outlets and try it out yourself and tell us what do you think about it. For more information check out for more updates and information.

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