Pairing Wine with Local Asian Foods Only at Eco Wine

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We have always been used to pairing our wine with western cuisines such as Italian, France and many more. But have you ever tried wine with Asian foods?

Eco Wine a wine and dine restaurant in Kuchai Lama offering a wide range of liquor has recently partnered with an experienced local cook; Rachel Loh which has more than 10 years experience in F&B to create a series of asian fusion cuisines that are perfectly paired with wines.

Among the highly recommended foods to pair with their wines were Pork Rib/Pork Meat Curry with Fried ManTau, Braised Pork Belly and Kushiyaki (Skewers). Besides that we found their Buta Shio Yaki, Yakitori, Lamb Shioyaki, Enoki Buta Yaki, Ebi Yakitori, Seafood Buta Roll, Nam Yu Pork, Buta Fries, Fried Chicken Wing, Spicy Chicken Wing, Marmite Chicken Wing, Ham & Cheese Platter, and 3 Eggs Rice were also equally good.

Pork Rib/Pork Meat Curry
Fried ManTau
Lamb Shioyaki
Buta Shio Yaki
Chicken Yakitori
Enoki Buta Yaki
Ebi Yakitori
Seafood Buta Roll
Nam Yu Pork
Buta Fries
Fried Chicken Wing, Spicy Chicken Wing and Marmite Chicken Wing
Ham & Cheese Platter
Party Platter
3 Eggs Rice

The hidden kitchen in Eco Wine had leave an unforgettable food taste in all of its guests. Including us. We at would like to highly recommend this Eco Wine hidden bar to all our our readers. It is a must go place when you are looking for a place to dine in or near Kuchai Lama.
The kitchen is open on every weekday from 12pm-2am and weekends from 1pm-2am. For more information or reservation, you may contact Rachel at 013 218 9953 or Lai Ming at 012 323 3018

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