Recently Paddle Pop has launched a new flavour to entice its fans with another delicious flavour; the Twister Mermaid Flavour.

The Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid combines fun and nutrition in one refreshing, fruity package. The design of the Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid is inspired by the colours of the mythical mermaid and the fantastical undersea world. Its twisting blueberry & tutti frutti ice cream covering the refreshing sweet yoghurt flavoured core offers a unique and exciting snacking experience.

Order Tramadol Online Cod The twist and turns of lime water ice and blueberry yoghurt ice wrapped around a blueberry yoghurt core create not only a complement of flavours but also a mesmerising mouthfeel with contrasting textures a the layers melt away at different speeds. Getting to the core makes three different flavours in one treat, all culminating in a sweet and sour adventure.

The Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid invites all to dive into and experience a magical undersea-inspired adventure full of exciting twists. Through its wonderful design and flavours, it aims to inspire fun and melt barriers with “better together” playful moments. With its adherence to Unilever Highest Nutritional Standards (HNS), it is responsibly made for kids and is the perfect snack to enjoy together with the entire family. The Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid can be purchased at all retail outlets, as well as online on Lazada and Shopee, at a price of RM 1.60 per piece.

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