There are many types of steamboat available in the market but which one attracts you the most?

Recently based on friends recommendation, we at eRayn3 has pay a visit to one of the most talked steamboat house in Cheras that has more than 10 years of history.

Located at the shoplots besides Leisure Mall, this is one of the restaurant that you will not missed when you passed by. It has many tanglungs hanging outside of its building. The restaurant was locate on the first floor of the shop. When you were walking up, you will realised that the wall was fully filled up with photos of singers, artist and famous people that have visited this restaurant for meal. This is how famous it has been.

Upon entering the restaurant, we realised that it has been carefully designed to create Chinese courtyard style. The most distinctive feature is the “grass boat” with a weight of over ton in the center of the restaurant’s patio. With the art of “swords”, the tens of thousands of branches of arrows through the grass boat have a distinct “Cai Guoqiang style. “The environment will definitely brings you back to the dynasty days when you are dining in the restaurant.

Their steamboat was an influence of Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenyang way of eating steamboat. Its soups based were mainly influenced of Taiwan and its ingredients were mostly brought over from Taiwan and some were favourite foods of the Chinese from China.

Besides a great soup based and ingredients, cooking with charcoal will also helps in getting the flavor out from the foods too. Among the best seller ingredients in the restaurants were:

Besides that, they also offers 3 meat option; pork, lamb and beef for those grill lovers too.

For more information on Dragon Door Steamboat, check out their facebook at

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