Most ladies loves desserts but have you every know that men do likes desserts too? You will be surprise that in recent years, many deserts shops are filled with mens instead of women.

What we can conclude here is, mens and womens both loves desserts. What is your favorite desserts and drinks then? Ice cream, juices or waffles?

There is a good news!

At Co’Presse we have found out that they offers many types of desserts that most of us loves. Their have desserts catering for ice cream lovers, waffles lovers, healthy drinks lovers and also of course not to be missed; the coffee lovers!

IMG_6353For Ice-Cream Lovers

Co’Presse’s main highlights is their soft serve ice-cream. They offers ine of the best soft serve ice-cream in town. Soft serve ice-cream at Co’Presse taste yummy because their flavor is light and the texture is very rich. By achieving both of this, means that the ice-cream contains lots of milk protein but relatively little sugar.

Co’Presse offers two types of soft serve ice cream; Extremely Vanilla and Extremely Black Sesame. Don’t ask which flavor is nicer as both was superb and caters to different taste lover.

For Waffles Lovers

IMG_6413How do you define the best waffles? As for us, we definite a good waffles based on the fluffiness and the crispiest. The waffles will be awesome if add on with our favorite nice topping.

Waffles are made from a batter consisting of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, milk and baking powder. Milk provides protein and calcium for our body while eggs provide additional protein.

The perfect combination for waffles of course topping it with a soft serve ice-cream. Pssss…. At Co”Presse, their chocolate sauce is one of the best sauce available. It’s also a hand made sauce by them.

P/s: One of the signature waffles of all time favorite is Black Sesame Waffles with Black Sesame ice-cream. It’s not in the menu but ask for it and they will serve specially for you with it.

IMG_6330 IMG_6436


For Healthy Juice Lovers

IMG_6381Juices has always been a healthy juice for our body. Their nutrition and vitamins are valuable for us to consume. By consuming juice for cleansing, it increases cyanobacteria and bactericides, which have been found to help your gastrointestinal tract development and make your digestive organs to work the way they’re supposed to.

Co’Presse offer juices such as orange, beet root, cucumber, carrot and many more. It was freshly produced daily!


For Coffee Lovers

IMG_6428Your morning coffee does more than just wake you up. It also boosts your brain power. Based on research, it shows coffee improves your memory and speeds up your reaction times by acting on your brain’s prefrontal cortex, the area is responsible for your short-term memory.

A lifetime of coffee consumption has even been associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a brain disease affecting your memory, thought as well as your language and coffee is a complex beverage boasting over 800 flavor influencing components.

Co’Presse’s coffees are being created by a coffee professional using high quality South Africa Beans named Single-Origin Beans by using coffee dripping. It offers variety of hot and cold coffees for any types of coffee lovers. You may also add-on ice-cream as a topping for your coffee too.


In order to ensure the freshness of the desserts and drinks, all of their ingredients are being make daily.

2017-03-25 15.54.37 HDRCo’Presse desserts are suitable for any meal of the day, whether it is breakfast, brunch, hi-tea, lunch or dinner.

So why wait more, drop by at Level B1 (opposite Jaya Grocer), The Starling Mall and give Co’Presse a try now.

To find our more information, visit Co’Presse facebook at

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