Imagine your toughest pile of dishes—plates covered in sticky cranberry sauce and pots coated in grease and stuck-on mashed potatoes. That’s nothing compared to the torture test we create for dishwasher detergents.

For us, the best detergents clean well without leaving film on glassware or discoloring aluminum. We have recently discovered a new dishwasher liquid that is hitting the market named KH Mind ‘n Spirit SHINE.

KH Mind ‘n Spirit SHINE is an ultra-concentrated dishwashing liquid specially formulated with Aromatherapy scents. It contains essential oils which not only effectively eliminate food odor, it also improves a person’s mood via the therapeutic scents.

This unique formulation is superior in grease lifting, rich in foam and at the same time easy-to-rinse. Use just a small amount and clean more dishes; it saves time and water, economical in long term.

There are countless and varieties of dishwashing products in the market but not all are plant-based. The benefits of plant-based dishwashing liquid are mild and gentle on skin and environmental friendly.

With remarkably grease stripping performance and ultra-concentrated formula, KH Mind ‘n Spirit SHINE gives you extra washes than ordinary dishwashing liquid. At the same time, it contains aloe vera extract which is gentle on hand and minimizes skin dryness.

KH Mind ‘N Spirit SHINE is available in 2 variants: Stimulating, Relaxing.

Relaxing – Infused with Lavender & Orange aromatherapy scent, relax and calm your mind as you wash. Powerful grease buster and removes food odor. Its quick rinse formula leaves your dishes squeaky clean.

Stimulating – Infused with Rosemary & Eucalyptus aromatherapy scent, invigorates and arouse your senses as you wash. Powerful grease buster and removes food odor. Its quick rinse formula leaves your dishes squeaky clean.

Our team has brought back the dish washer above to test is out ourselves. And below is the result of our test:

1) Clean Dishes

2) Clean Toilet Tars

3) Washing Car

It is true that the liquid dishwasher gives us a very nice aroma scent and it has proven to be gentle on skin as one of our team members who have skin problem when using dish washing liquid did not find the liquid damaging to her hand. It means you can also use it to wash your oily hand too!

The KH Mind ‘n Spirit SHINE offers 2 types of packaging; 500ml (bottle), 650ml (pouch) and 1000ml (bottle). It is available at all local Hypermarkets and Supermarkets nationally.

For more information, you may call UDI Marketing Sdn. Bhd. at 03-7805 7288 or email

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