Looking for good dim sum in town? Why now drop by to Pullman Bangsar to try out their dim sums?

Chef Mg Meng Long formerly from one of the hotel famous chinese restaurants has more than a decade’s experience in dim sums has recently joined Pullman Bangsar’s Oriental Chinese Restaurant as their Executive Dim Sum chef.

With his expertise, Chef Mg has created some some special dim sums for its diners to enjoy. Some of the must try dim sums in Oriental Cuisine Restaurant Pullman Bangsar were:

Butter Pea flower glutinous rice with chicken, mushrooms and sun-dried scallop

Yam croquettes filled with minced chicken and sun-dried scallop

Steamed Rice Rolls Shrimp and Golden Maize

Signature pan-fried durian Malay cake

Macha buns with pumpkin paste

Homemade Durian Bun

Eggplant shaped Glutinous rice ball with purple sweet potato

Crystal shrimp dumplings with Australian scallop

Chicken Siu Mai with crushed salted egg yolk

Chicken Siu Mai with black truffle

Musang King and Birds Nest Mooncake

Of course not forgetting the autumn season mooncake is also available there.

Two of their special mooncake highlight were their handmade Musang King Durian Skin Mooncake and Birds Nest Skin Mooncake.

For reservations or information, call +60 (3) 2298 1888 or email H7962@Accor.com

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