When it comes to steaks, burgers and milkshakes, NY Steak Shack rules it all, especially with its affordable price. While keeping a few of its classic favorites on its plate, the revamped menu brings to the table a fresh new look and sizzling new sensations that will keep diners coming back for more!

Trio Apps

The new offerings from NY Steak and Shacks includes;

Smokehouse Burger – chargrilled beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, sautéed smoke beef, caramelized onions, chili flake and drizzled with Bistro sauce;

Pulled Beef Sandwich – hand pulled smoked beef with black pepper sauce and caramelized onions, Sizzling Beef Brisket Steak, Beef Meatballs and Sizzling Darling Downs Wagyu Striploin, which was made a permanent menu item due to its popularity from a previous limited-time offering campaign.

Smokehouse Burger

Lamb Noisette

A must-try dishes are the; Chicken Tenders – hand breaded chicken strips, fried crispy to perfection and drizzled with Bistro sauce; Sriracha Chicken Sandwich – fried chicken breast with homestyle batter and smothered in Sriracha sauce with cheddar cheese; Duck Chop Pasta – grilled savoury duck chop slices complementing linguine pasta sautéed with caramelized onions, mushrooms and brown sauce.

Sizzling Duck Chop

Chicken Tenders

Seafood Board

For seafood lover, do not miss the Seafood Board – combo of fish fillet with four pieces of shrimps and four pieces of calamari served with salad, fries and tartar sauce, and Sizzling Emerald Fish Combo which comprises of four different combos where you can pair your Emerald Fish with Lamb Cevapi, Chicken Cevapi, Garlic Shrimps or Smoked Beef.

For more info, log on to http://www.nysteakshack.com

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