Do you think there is only Dubuyo has the pork free? You are wrong, recently Ojju K-Food has opened up its first outlet in Nu Sentral has been overwhelmingly filled up with many people.

We have take the opportunity to check out what’s makes them loved by many people, besides its pork free. We found out of their unique korean cooking method that makes the foods delicious that has brings back its customers over and over again.

One of their signature dish were the 2-in-1 Chicken Rolling Cheese set which comes with Cheesy Korean Fried Rice.

Chicken Rolling Cheese with Cheese Korean Fried Rice Set

Chicken Rolling Cheese In The Making

Chicken Rolling Cheese with Ojju special BBQ sauce

Cheese Korean Fried Rice

Some of the small side dishes and dessert that is highly preferred by its guest were:

JapChae – Stir-fried glass noodles in fragrant sesame oil with colourful vegetables

Teobokki – Stir-fried rice cake & fish cake in a sweet & spicy sauce

Gyeran Jjim – Steamed fluffy egg Korean-style

Banana T-Split – Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ice cream

For more information on Ojju-K Food, check out their facebook at

Ojju-k Food

Address: L4.01 (03 & 04), Level 4 NU Sentral Shopping Centre, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hour: 11am-11pm
Contact: 012-384 1008

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