Anchor Food Professionals is creating a benchmark again!

Anchor Food Professionals understands that each and everyone of us have different mood in different time. This month, they have returned to debut six new dairy beverages to boost your mood.

These creative non-alcoholic beverages are named as MoodMojee has been conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals chefs to showcase the delicious possibilities of diary in beverages, bringing a sip of global trend to Malaysia consumers.

“We understand the versatile role dairy can play in delivering great taste, texture and appearance in any form whether it’s in beverage or cakes. Diary is traditionally very popular with Western markets but this time, we wanted to play with local ingredients to give it an overall Asian taste and feel,” said Jack Tan the Associate Foodservice Director of Anchor Food Professionals during the MoodMojee’s launch

These six diary thrist-qunchers include a Malaysian favorite that’s both whimsy and decadent – Kayanika Fusion – layers of sweet and creamy with traditional ‘kaya’, ‘gula melaka’, ‘pulut’ and red beans.

For chocolate lovers, Yuzu pairing with chocolate would be the best bet. The tangy Yuzu puree tempers the rich chocolate in the Yuzu Chocolate Surprise which is rimmed with salt lemon cooling candy.

Kayanika Fusion
Yuzu Chocolate Surprise

The Pom & Grey Twist, a flavored cheese tea is a refreshing concoction of mood-boosting Early Grey tea mixed with pomegranate syrup, topped with a generous layer of chocolate cream.

Meanwhile Lemon Mint Meringue is perfect for those who loves to have some zing in their drinks. It’s rich lemon mint vanilla ice blended, topped with fresh meringue and slices of candied lemon and orange, is both a feast to the eyes and to the mouth.

Lemon Mint Meringue

Tanggy Brew on the other hand, is rich cold brew coffee mixed with the tangy freshness of orange which explodes in your mouth followed by its satisfying mixture of cream and cheese foam.

On the other hand, don’t be fooled by the White Chocolate‘s tall and proud like a shake witha crown of whipped cream appearance. This drinks will definitely be the best seller in place. Its a dreamy blend of white coffee mixed generously with delicious chocolate and peanut butter.

Tangy Brew
White Chocofee

These MoodMojee’s beverages are currently available at:

Gafe Kafe
Choon Guan Coffee Shop

Cofeology Cafe & Restaurant

Love Tea & FnB
Living Room

La Taste

HIVE by Love A Loaf
La Taste
Lavish Fusion Bakery

Family Confectionary
Baker’s Hut

Delight Factory
Chub’s Grill
Chiu’s Cafe
Lucky Bean

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