BBQ Steamboat is a meal that always brings us and our loved ones together. It has been a traditional food during cold weather. But many BBQ Steamboats in the market might not be suitable for all gatherings, especially for our Muslim friends. If that’s the case we might not be able to enjoy such delicious cuisine with our Muslim friends and families.

Now the problem is solved! We found one Halal Certified BBQ Steamboat that offers varieties of dishes catering to Muslim friends. More than 160 dishes such as meat, seafood, vegetables, side dishes, condiments, snacks, and more with only high-quality ingredients are used to ensure a satisfying meal. You’ll always have a fresh selection of choices to try. They even have the Flower Crabs that could be eaten by our Muslim friends and families too!
Assorted Vegetables Display
Assorted Meat and SeafoodsDisplay
Hot Foods Buffet
Assorted Vegetables
Sliced Beef
Red Meat
Marinated Meats
Sliced Smoked Duck and Scallops
Flower Crab
Hot Foods
Hand Holding Flower Crab
Steamboat BBQ
ice cream

Pak John Steamboat is an A-grade hygiene rating and halal certification, everyone can dine worry-free at Pak John with friends and family! Currently, Pak John was available at eCruve, IOI Putrajaya, and a newly opened outlet in Tropicana Gardens Mall. For more information on Pak John, check out their Facebook at

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