Monster®, the world leader in premium, high-performance headphones and Bluetooth speakers, today announced a partnership with Brightstar Corp., the world’s leading mobile services company that will establish Brightstar as a worldwide purveyor of Monster’s line of audio products and mobile accessories.

The collaboration between these two top industry leaders will create a powerful new worldwide network for bringing the highest performance audio and power products to end-user consumers across 55 countries on six continents.

From the company that created the original Beats by Dr. Dre line of speakers and headphones that revolutionized portable audio, Monster and Brightstar are combining their strengths to bring even greater audio experiences with Monster’s latest audio creations to even more retailers and consumers worldwide.

Exciting new products include the Monster’s latest Super speaker – the SuperStar Monster Blaster, a reimagined “boombox” for the 21st century that features Bluetooth and USB connectivity, along with an entire new line of Superstar Bluetooth speakers and new versions of Monster’s high-end Elements over-ear and on-ear headphones that feature high resolution digital inputs as well as wireless Bluetooth.

Brightstar will also be introducing Monster’s iSport line of Bluetooth in-ear headphones that offer the widest range of price points and audio performance levels. Monster’s value-priced line of Clarity HD wired and Bluetooth headphones will make Monster’s legendary sound quality available to more people in more countries.

In addition to Monster’s legendary sound quality, new levels of comfort and durability are especially engineered into these products, providing consumers the ultimate in audio experiences.

Monster Will Create New Headphone Products Exclusively for Brightstar

As part of the collaboration, Monster will design and engineer a new line of digital and Bluetooth headphones designed especially for Brightstar and its channels/customers.

Monster introduced complete line of advanced power products and cables through Brightstar’s retailers at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

iSport Series

For the active lifestyle, iSport Series comes with Securefit Sportclip earhooks for a more secured fit, perfect for those people in motion.  Monster iSport offers either a wired or wireless option.

iSport Achieve Wired (Green)

iSport Achieve Wired (Green)

  • iSport (Bluetooth Wireless)
    • Monster® iSport Freedom Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Pure Monster Sound, high sound insolation, cutting edge swipe controls, 2 selectable sound profiles voice through technology and more than 24 hours playback time – RRP RM1,199
    • Monster® iSport Victory In-Ear Wireless Headphones with Pure Monster Sound, high sound insolation, dual battery design which extends battery to more than 8 hours of playback time – RRP RM588
    • Monster® iSport Intensity In-Ear Wireless Headphones with Pure Monster Sound and the performance focused moderate sound isolation, feature a reflective cable that helps to reflect light from surrounding so it is safer in low light environment, and more than 6 hours of playback time – RRP RM450
    • Monster® iSport Achieve In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Durable, Sweatproof withhigh sound insolation and more then 5 hours of playback time – RRP RM368
  • iSport (Wired)
    • iSport Strive In-Ear Headphones with Pure Monster Sound, and partial sound insolation at RRP RM250
    • iSport Achieve In-Ear Headphones with Durable, Sweatproof and high sound insolation at RRP RM188


Clarity HD Wired (Neon Pink)Clarity HD

You deserve better than the free inbox earphone that comes with every devices. Clarity HD offers better build, better comfort, better isolation, better sound and clearer calls.

Clarity HD Wired (Neon Pink)

  • Monster® ClarityHD™ On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with cutting-edge swipe controls for play/pause, tracking, and volume and more than 24 hours of playback – RRP RM850
  • ClarityHD High-Performance Wireless Earbuds with superior noise isolation and ergonomically designed Innovative battery design for 8+ hours of listening – RRP RM450
  • Monster® ClarityHD™ High-Performance Earbuds a premium sound quality at an incredible value and flat, tangle-resistant cable – RRP RM250


In 1979, Head Monster Noel Lee invented the modern-day speaker wire in his garage on a quest for mind-blowing sound. Monster’s first passion was audio, and you can feel that love in every high-performance speakers Monster makes. Whether it’s portable or whole-house wireless audio, Pure Monster Sound® delivers the experience you want.

Back Float (Neon Blue)

Back Float (Neon Blue)

Blaster (Black And Grey)

Blaster (Black And Grey)

Hot Shot (White With Chrome)

Hot Shot (White With Chrome)

Fire Cracker (Red)

Fire Cracker (Red)

  • Monster Blaster Boombox Wireless Speaker redefines wireless speakers with Pure Monster Sound so loud it will fill any space, anywhere – RRP RM2,699
  • SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is rugged compact Bluetooth waterproof and floating speaker. There’s a party in your pool, and SuperStar BackFloat is throwing it. It’s also a speakerphone. – RRP RM899
  • Monster® Firecracker™ High Definition Bluetooth Speaker Built in super-bright 7 hour flashlight Pure Monster Sound™ wirelessly with NFC, and more than 25 hours of playback – RRP RM599
  • SuperStar High Definition Bluetooth Speaker – Lightweight and compact. Designed to fit in your pocket, briefcase, or backpack, Super clear mic for conference calls – RRP RM588
  • SuperStar™ HotShot™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker The Little Speaker With A Loud Attitude – RRP RM299

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