Have you every heard of Mee Bodoh before? In Melaka there is one famous mee that cooked its mee and taugeh with chillie oil. The dish is simply a mee goreng kosong (without any meat or ingredients besides mee and taugeh). The way it is cooked are similar with the normal mee goreng.

It looks simple but it taste delicious. Thai is the reason why many of the locals loves it and keep on going to this store almost every week and now since it has gone viral, there are many outstations locals and foreigners are also coming to this stall to try out their Mee Bodoh.

The Mee Bodoh is best to with with some prepared vinegar and sweet soy sauce. For those who think it is plain, you may also get a fried egg on the separate counter on the stall.

Mee Bodoh
Vinegar ans Sweet Soy sauce
Fried Egg

In order to get you food fast on your table there is a procedure you must follow and the best is to go with a friend.

Step 1: One of you must ques for the fried egg and another to look for a table.

Step 2: The one who manage to get the table must order its drink first. This is because they mee fella will only hand over the plate of mee when you are sitting in a table with a drink. Remember this trick

Step 3: You mee will then be served. Normally when you have get your friend egg the mee will also arrive not too long after that.

To get to this stall look for:

Mee Goreng Pak Hassan

Address: 390, Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka
Morning Opening Hour: 7:30am – 10:45am (daily except Thursday)
Night Opening Hour: 8:00pm – 10:00pm (from Monday to Wednesday)

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