Marrybrown Launches ‘Hari Nasi Lemak MB’ for the Second Year

Food Slider While paving our way through the second half of 2021 working together as a Malaysian to fight this pandemic, supporting each other regardless of race, religion and culture truly shows how unite we are as one during this hard time like our national proud food; Nasi Lemak. As the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain that has been growing with fellow Malaysians in all the ups and downs, Marrybrown has launched it’s “Hari Nasi Lemak MB’ for the Second Year celebrating Marrybrown’s heritage and journey of serving Malaysians for the past 40 years to lift up the spirits and keep Malaysians moving forward! The ‘Hari Nasi Lemak MB” includes 1 pcs MB Crispy Chicken, fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, Marrybrown authentic sambal, Cruncy peanuts, Anchovies, Pappadam chips and Sliced cucumbers in each sets. The taste of the Nasi Lemak were as authentic as what our local Malaysian Nasi Lemak is. Paired with MB Crispy Chicken, it was one of the best Nasi Lemak that you could ever get now.

On 1st August 2021 from 12am onwards, Marrybrown will be organising Shopee Sales with 5,000 packs of Nasi Lemak MB to be grabbed with Buy 1 Free 1 deals, price from RM9.50 (making it a total of 10,000 Nasi Lemak MB packs). The Buy 1 Free 1 Nasi Lemak MB Shopee voucher can be purchased on 1st August exclusively on Shopee and the voucher is redeemable at participating Marrybrown outlets from 2 – 31 August only. Further details can be found below:

Date: Sunday, 1 August 2021 Time: From 12am onwards Platform: Marrybrown’s Shopee Official Store (Link only works on mobile phone) While every 1st of August symbolises Hari Nasi Lemak MB, fans can also expect fantastic deals for every 1st of the month to come for Nasi Lemak MB. For more information on Hari Nasi Lemak MB or Marrybrown’s promotions and delivery services, please visit: Website: Facebook: @MarrybrownMalaysia
Instagram: @Marrybrownmy
YouTube: @MarrybrownTV

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