“Mamak foods in Malaysia are not authentic Indian foods.” that’s what Chef Bharat Batra, the Director and Master Chef of Spice Garden said.

That is a big word to put in. So what makes Chef Bharat Batra said so. Chef Bharat Batra is an Indian from India. When he comes to Malaysia, he was so happy that we have “Mamak” that he thought was an authentic Indian foods. Upon visiting Malaysian Mamak, he felt disappointed as the foods was not prepared correctly the Indian way.

Hence he has decided to offer Indian food with the correct Indian way of cooking through its Spice Garden Restaurants. Established in 2003, its first outlet has opened in Genting Highland followed by Bukit Bintang, Alor Setar and now the latest outlet in Linc KL with an aims was to offer a wide variety of tantalizing dishes, crafted using time-tested traditional recipes that blends fresh spices and herbs from India and cooked to perfection, mostly through a “tandoor” way which is a barrel-shape open top clay oven that is fired by charcoals.

Chef Bharat Batra

“What makes our dishes even more special is that we only use original spices and herbs without artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives. All our dishes also are freshly cooked and not reheated which can cause it to be come oily” said Chef Bharat Batra

Some of the restaurant’s signature indian dishes were; Tandori Chicken, Vanison Kebab, Seabass Tikka, Plat Panir, Chicken Tikka with Almond Milk Gravy, Coastal Chronical Red Snapper, Wenison Rogan Josh, Tandoori Bread, Khazanah Beriani and for desserts Golat Jambul.

Tandori Chicken
Vanison Kebab
Seabass Tikka
Tandoori Bread
Plat Panir
Chicken Tikka with Almond Milk Gravy
Coastal Chronical Red Snapper
Wenison Rogan Josh
Khazanah Beriani
Khazanah Beriani inside look
Golat Jambul

Spice Garden could also customized all the dishes according to diners needs such as nut-free, gluten-free and not spicy or even if they like to avoid feeling sleepy after their meals. The are even PORK AND BEEF FREE too.

For more information on Spice Garden, check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SpiceGardenMalaysia/

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