Jalan Malioboro is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the name is also used more generally for the neighborhood around the street. It lies north-south axis in the line between Yogyakarta Kraton and Mount Merapi. This is in itself is significant to many of the local population, the north–south orientation between the palace and the volcano being of importance.

The street is the centre of Yogyakarta’s largest tourist district surrounded with many hotels, restaurants, and shops nearby. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods. In the evening several open-air street side restaurants, called lesehan, operate along the street. This is the street of the artists. Street musicians, painters, and other artists exhibit their creations on this road. Less obvious to the tourist, but more for the local population, side streets, lanes and structures that lead on to Malioboro are as important as the street itself.

Malioboro MallMalioboro has plenty of shopping destinations and you will find everything from local markets to sophisticated malls. Get the best deals along the shopping streets of Malioboro, the cheap shopping area in the heart of Yogya! From bags, shirts, and more souvenir items, they have it all here! Price items from small store halls and street vendors doesn’t differ that much.

Walking along Malioboro street is just like entering into a big craft market where crafts sellers sell handicraft to the visitors. There are hand-made crafts and batiks, also sandals, sarongs, hats and bags all made from leather, dry plants, shellfish, coconuts, and rattan. You can bargain the price for crafts and batiks and can purchase them for quarter of the price and often half the original asking price so don’t hesitate to bargain!. The holiday season during June – August is the busiest time in Malioboro street and it can get very crowded with international tourists as well as visitors from around Indonesia.

Beringharjo market becomes part of Malioboro that is worth to visit. You will find lots of stalls line up selling anything you can think of from clothes to bags to rattan products and silver jewelries, food and anything you thought you might find in Indonesia. What a best way to end your trip in Yogya by getting real good cheap souvenirs in Malioboro, one of the best places to visit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia!

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