Do you know which is the pioneer Halal Korean Cafe in Malaysia?

Recently, eRayn3 has bump into the owner of Malaysia’s First Halal Certified Cafe in Subang named The Street Café or it’s well known as K Street.

Established since 2008, this café has been features in many other medias such as Jalan Jalan Cari Makan, Ho Chiak, The Star, Sin Chew, Rasa Magazine, Saji Magazine and many more.

Many popular street food in Korea has been brought down by their founder Mr Andrew Kim Young Seok. Below are some of the food highlights that you might want to consider:

Chicken popcorn Seafood Sundunu Jjigae

  • Chicken popcorn (3 sauces: sweet and spicy, korean bbq, and spicy mayo) : RM 10 : #A
  • Seafood Sundunu Jjigae : RM 15.90 : #111

Odeng Bulgogi pot rice set

  • Odeng – fish cake stick : RM 12.90 : #106
  • Bulgogi pot rice set : RM 26.90 : #J 03

Cheese dakgalbi with seaweed rice balls Seafood Jajang myun

  • Cheese dakgalbi with seaweed rice balls : RM 21.10 : S 01
  • Seafood Jajang myun (hae mul ja jang myun) : RM 18.90 : #045

Mushroom mix ramyunJumbo egg roll

  • Mushroom mix ramyun : RM 15.90 : #032
  • Jumbo egg roll : RM 14.90 : #109

chicken stickSpicy octopus bibimbap

  • On fire fried chicken stick : RM 6.90 : #143
  • Korean BBQ chicken stick : RM 6.90 : #141
  • Spicy BBQ chicken stick : RM6.90 : #142
  • Spicy octopus bibimbap : RM 19.90 : #005

Grilled salmon rice setSam gye tang

  • Grilled salmon rice set : RM 29.90 : #J 04
  • Sam gye tang (Ginseng chicken soup) : RM 31 : #S 02

Rapokki and Gimbap combo set with add on of grilled cheese

  • Rapokki and Gimbap combo set with add on of grilled cheese : RM 26.15 : #071

all prices before 6% gst & service charge.

If you are craving for true authentic Korean food which Korean people actually eat on their daily basis, this café is a must visit shop for you.

For more information, visit

Instagram #thestreetcafe_kstreet

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