Making Delicious Curry Chicken in Just 3-Steps

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Many of us had eaten Curry Chicken before and we had always thought that it was not easy to prepare as there were many ingredients that we need to prepare in order to complete the cooking. With the technology that we have now, it was not impossible for us to prepare a delicious hearty meal in just minutes of time. There were many products out there that could help us in preparing our meal while we are busy with our life activities.

Recently we have discovered TapaoTime. TapaoTime offers pre-packed pastes that allow us to complete a complicated delicious meal in just 3-Steps. One of our favorite pieces of paste is the Curry Chicken paste. In this article, we would like to share with you how we could cook a delicious Curry Chicken with TapaoTime’s paste.

Firstly lets, prepare the ingredients for the Curry Chicken. What you need to have is a pack of TapaoTime Curry Chicken Paste with:

1) 600g of Chicken
2) 200g of Cut Potatoes
3) 100ml of Water
4) 100ml Coconut Milk

Once you have all the ingredients ready, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Heat up TapaoTime’s 200g Curry Chicken paste together with the Chicken and Potatoes. Remember to stir and mix well.

Step 2: Add 100ml water and bring to boil then add 100ml Coconut Milk onto it.

Step 3: Let it simmer on medium heat until cooked and you are done.

The whole process will only takes about 15 mins of your time and your dish is ready to be served. If you prefer to have extra umph!… on your curry chicken, you may also opt to add on some curry leaves onto it too! It would definitely give your curry chicken an extra flavor!

Curry Chicken normally will be paired with rice and some might have tried it out with bread too. They actually could also be eaten together with dry noodles too. At least this is what we will eat together with our curry chicken.

You may also gets creative with your food pairing by eating the curry chicken with roti canai too. Now, you could give varieties to your meal with just a simple Curry Chicken paste. How convenient it is.

Up to date, we found that TapaoTime offers 5 types of paste catering to our local Malaysia’s favorite foods such as Curry Chicken, Kam Heong, BBQ Char Siew, Thai Tom Yum, and Assam Laksa. They do also offer bottles of Thai Chilli Sauce to goes with any kind of meal too.

For more information on TapaoTime delicious yet affordable pastes, check out their Facebook at, Instagram at or to purchase check out their Shopee Official Store at

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