For those who were staying in Puchong. Now you do not need to travel all the way to town for your reunion dinner. This year could also enjoy a great reunion dinner at a great environment hotel; Four Points Puchong.

What makes your dinner special this year was, beside having the annual routine round table dinner, now you could enjoy all the dishes as much as you like with Four Points Prosperous Buffet Dinner.

The Eatery has prepared a myriad of mouth-watering dishes including the bountiful Eight-Treasure Yee Sang ; the star of the spread as it is filled with selection of crispy shredded treasures, smoked salmon and jellyfish.

An of course the feast will never be complete with other prosperity themed dishes such as Zhao Cai Jin Bao (herbal silkie chicken broth with sun dried scallop in whole coconut), Feng Wu Ying Xin Cun (Baked asparagus and mushroom stuffed with chicken rolls on tangy torch ginger infused plum sauce), Feng Shou Xi Feng Nian (Tiger prawns tossed with Vietnamese inspired tangerine-lemongrass sauce), Nian Nian You Yu (Wok fried pearl grouper fillets with spicy chili paste, celery and lily bulbs in basket), Wu Xing Qi Gong Zhao (Sun dried oysters, Mexican clams, pacific clams, bamboo piths and shiitake mushroom wrapped in bean curd skin drizzle with black moss sauce) and SI Hai Qing Yang Ming (Smoked chicken and dried shrimp fried rice in pumpkin).

Of course also not forgetting to end with some delicious desserts. Among the desserts offerrs are Quan Jia Hao Tuan Yuan (Aloe vera, crystal pear, dried longan, red dates in rock sugar syrup served cold) and Bu Bu Gao Sheng Hao (Crispy deep-fried Chinese brown sugar cake and coconut coated glutinous rice-mango balls).

Yan Hong Ba Bao Qi Lao Sheng
Zhao Cai Jin Bao
Feng Wu Ying Xin Cun
Nian Nian You Yu
Feng Shou Xi Feng Nian
Wu Xing Qi Gong Zhao
SI Hai Qing Yang Ming
Bu Bu Gao Sheng Hao
Quan Jia Hao Tuan Yuan

Besides that, diners also may enjoy fresh seafood (live oyster, tiger prawns, mussel, scallop and flower crabs) on ice, crabs with choice of Singapore Black pepper sauce together with deep fried mau tao which you can eat on its own, Peking duck cravings and many more.

The Eatery’s Fortune Buffet Dinner will be serve on the 4th February at RM 114 nett per person with 50% discount for children from 4-11 years old.

If you missed this Fortune Buffet Dinner, you may als be able to enjoy this buffet dinner from 7th February until 28th February at RM 128 nett per person and of course also 50% off for children from 4-11 years old.

For more information or reservation, call +6 03 5891 8855 or email to

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