Lulu Hypermarket Now Available in Setia Alam City Mall

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I guess Malaysians love Lulu Hypermarket! After a successful opening of its second outlet in Shamelin Cheras, Lulu Hypermarket yesterday has opened up its third outlet in Setia City Mall, Bandar Setia Alam.

In conjunction with the opening, Lulu Hypermarket will be offering a “Super Duper Opening Sale” starting from 31st March till 4th April 2021. Among the most check-out items during this Opening Sale were its; iPhone, 65″ TV, Milo, Fresh Items, Hot Items, Bread, and many more. These items will be something with a price that worth to grabs.

As Lulu Hypermarket was specialized in high-quality Arabian products and foods, you would be able to find varieties of Arabian products that are hard to find elsewhere in this hypermarket. Lulu Hypermarket also has prepared itself to welcome the upcoming Ramadhan with varieties of promotions and sales.

Besides the mentioned items, with the span of 150,000 sqft space in Lulu Hypermarket Setia Alam, you could find varieties of items in the hypermarket which suit different people and needs. Its 70,000 sqft LG floor supermarket area being used to offers quality imported chocolate, fresh foods, kurma, nuts, hot items, beauty & health, household items, and many more.

Its 40,000 sqft UG floor was used as Lulu’s Fashion Store and Malay Traditional fashion clothing. At this level, you would be able to find varieties of traditional clothing such as Indian Sarees, Malay Kebayas, footwears, and also accessories.

While its 40,000 sqft First floor was being used to offer Lulu Connect items such as home electronics & electrical, IT, kids toys, travel bags, sports items, and many more.

Lulu Hypermarket Setia Alam is offering lots of special Sale during its opening starting from now until 4th April 2021. Among some of the Sale that attracted us  were:

The Lulu Hypermarket in Setia Alam also offers more than 400 car park spaces for its visitors too. Visitors were grabbing its promotional items like nobody’s business there. If you would like to get a chance to pick up value for money items in Lulu Hypermarket Setia City Mall, we would suggest you heading over there as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

For more information on Lulu Hypermarket news, check out their website at

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