Live Your Best Active Lifestyle with the All-New Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series

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Amid our busy lives, staying active and healthy is more important than ever. Whether going for a quick jog as a pick-me-up before work or taking a relaxing cycle around the nearby park to destress after a long day, working up a sweat with your Galaxy Watch5 Series, which includes the Watch5 and Watch5 Pro, will always leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Crafted to offer a comprehensive wellness experience, the Galaxy Watch5 Series fits right into Samsung’s ecosystem of devices – such as the latest Galaxy Z Fold4 or Z Flip4 foldable smartphones – as a fitness companion that knows you best and an essential accessory for anyone looking to lead an active lifestyle.

Working out all day, every day?

Whether you are an amateur or seasoned athlete, knowing yourself is the first step towards an effective fitness journey. Equipped with the advanced Samsung BioActive sensor, the Galaxy Watch5 provides an accurate overview of your health. From body fat percentage to skeletal muscle weight and heart rate, get the real-time readings needed to track your progress to a healthier you.

Worried about overexerting yourself? Real-time sweat-loss tracking also allows you to better manage your workout plan and exercise at a pace that suits you.  Additionally, you can choose from over 90 exercises to keep track of your steps, calories, and routines.

Moving from one activity to another? The Galaxy Watch5 Pro even automatically detects and logs impromptu workouts such as running and walking, allowing for a seamless transition between activities and holistic tracking of all progress on the Samsung Health mobile application that you can view on your Samsung mobile device.

Gearing Up For Your Next Outdoor Adventure?

If your fitness journey leads you to the great outdoors, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is a hardy and trustworthy workout companion that meets your need for adventure, from navigation to durability.

Forged with a 2x tougher Sapphire crystal front display and a premium Titanium case, you can depend on the Galaxy Watch5 Pro to endure the toughest of workouts.

For cyclists and hikers alike, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro provides unparalleled ease of mind for your workout, from start to finish. Travel worry-free with the all-new Route workout feature that allows you to import your workout routes from your smartphone with ease, so you can focus on the trail hands-free.

Pair the Watch5 or Watch5 Pro with your Galaxy Buds2 Pro to enjoy voice or vibration-guided turn-by-turn navigation so you never fear losing your way. With the 60% larger battery (590 mAh – able to last up to 80 hours under general usage and 20 hours under continuous GPS), you can spend more time exploring the great outdoors, knowing that your Galaxy Watch5 Pro can keep up and outlast your lengthy adventure. When it’s time to head home, Track Back will lead you right back to where you started.

Looking To Monitor Your Health?

After working up a sweat, a post-workout recovery routine is what you need.

On top of recovery data such as post-cardio heart rate after an intense workout, the Galaxy Watch5 provides customized water consumption recommendations based on sweat loss[1] to keep you clued in on your hydration to ensure faster (and safe!) recovery.

The Galaxy Watch5 also helps you measure your body composition such as muscle and fat mass, as well as water levels, to help you set tailored health goals. Take control of your fitness journey with personalized workouts and progress tracking that will guide you step by step towards better health!

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Searching For The Best Night’s Rest?

There’s nothing better than a well-deserved rest after a long workout.

Sleep better with the Galaxy Watch5’s insightful sleep tracking technology that analyses your sleep patterns through Sleep Scores, which monitor your sleep stages, snore detection, and blood oxygen levels.

Connect to the Samsung Health mobile application on your Galaxy smartphone for personalized sleep coaching based on data collected by your Galaxy Watch5. Armed with sleep animal symbols that represent your sleeping style, take on daily missions, checklists, meditation guidance and sleep reports to build improved sleep habits.

You can also create an optimal sleep environment with SmartThings, by automating your ecosystem of smart home devices to work just the way you like. When it’s time for bed, the Galaxy Watch5 automatically sets connected lights, air-conditioning units, televisions and more to predetermined settings that encourage more restful sleep, so you wake up refreshed and recharged for the next day.

The Galaxy Watch5 series is the perfect blend of functionality, durability and style that empowers users to take charge of everyday health habits, enhancing every fitness endeavour. To match your style, the Galaxy Watch5 is available in 40mm in Graphite, Pink Gold, and Silver, as well as in 44mm in Graphite, Sapphire and Silver, while the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is available in in 45mm in Black Titanium and Gray Titanium.

As the new year beckons, get started on your wellness journey today with the Galaxy Watch5 Series, which is the perfect companion to help you keep fit while you work and play!

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