Nagano Prefecture is located 2 hours away (by train) from Tokyo city. This place is an area with abundant natural resources and beauty, and it is famed for its ski resorts and hot springs.

Azumino Ikeda Set_Easy-Resize.comSou Omaske is a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant located in The Gardens, Mid Valley. Their ingredients are imported directly from Japan. Most of the ingredients were seasonal ingredients. Hence Sou Omaske will be constantly introducing new menu every month to create freshness to its customers.

This January, Sou Omaske is offering a special limited edition menu; Azumino Ikeda starting January 9, 2018 (while stock last).

The meal will start with an appetizer Ama Sake followed by Sakisuze.

Ama Sake - Mixture of Jelly, Chia Seed and Yuzu

Ama Sake – Mixture of Jelly, Chia Seed and Yuzu

Sakisuze - New Year's Mix appetizer "OSECHI" plate

Sakisuze – New Year’s Mix appetizer “OSECHI” plate

You will then be served with it’s Azumino Ikeda set; Gin no miso, Shiawase0zuke, Kin no miso, Shio-koji, Sake-kasu with Kuwanomi and Apple Sherbet served with Kuwa-cha, Ikeda-soba & Ikeda Udon and Tsuya-Gohan.



KIN no Miso

KIN no Miso

Dishes using "SHIAWASE-ZUKE" and "SHIO-KOJI" with Grilled Fish

“SHIAWASE-ZUKE” & “SHIO-KOJI” with Grilled Fish

Dessert - "SAKAE-KASU"

Dessert – “SAKAE-KASU”



The meal will end with Sou Omaske daily homemade dessert. All sets comes with unlimited refillable green tea of course.

All dinner will also be receiving a glass of Kita-Alps and a Mizuhiki as a souvenior. The Azumino Ikede set is priced at RM 88 per person.

For more information on Sou Omaske or Azumino Ikeda set, you may visit

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