Malaysians loves ramen. That will be no doubt about it. Understanding the loved for ramen, Lee Seungri; one of the biggest boy band in the world – Big Bang has opened up a ramen restaurants; Aori Ramen in Pavilion early June this year to bring happiness to everyone through the flavors of Aori Ramen.

Designed to be customer friendly and trendy, customers can control the level of spiciness with Aori Ramen’s special sauce and customized their ramen according to their preferences by selecting ingredients.

For groups of friends

For those who loves privacy

Single seat for those who eats alone

Single seats also could eat with someone from the opposite

One of Aori Ramen’s signature is Don Kotz Ramen; which is cooked by pairing pork bones soup with their special 1.1mm Hoso noodles.

Their exclusive special sauce allows the broth to be both; spicy and tasty whilst customers can add other traditional Japanese beans and Nira Kmchi to expand the flavour of Don Kotz ramen.

Another specialty of Aori Ramen is it’s TKG or tamago kake gohan, a traditional Japanese staple that consist of rice, Aori Ramen’s special topping and an eggyolk.

Aori Ramen also offers adds on dishes such as noodles and:

Aori Ramen has started it’s business in Cheongdam-dong and recently as set it’s foots in Asian region such as Korea, China, Vietnam and now Malaysia.

For more information on Aori Ramen, check out their facebook at

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