Bangi Golf Resort has made an announcement to launch Malaysia’s landmark durian festival and durian judging competition on Saturday, 4th August 2018. The iconic event, titled Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival & Awards 2018, comprises of durian-focused activities for durian lovers and durian producers. Organized by a special committee led by Mr Tan Ban Keat and F&B think tank FoodCult, the programme includes a Durian Farmers’ Market, Durian Knowledge Forum, World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition and Durian Fiesta.

Mr Tan Ban Keat, “It is our intention to create a common community platform for durian farmers and durian lovers alike to come together and share their passion for the king of fruits. To organize the Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival & Awards is a very natural step to highlight what Malaysians (and those beyond) love and we are humbled by the support that we have received since the idea was initiated.”

Says Jenny Tan, FoodCult, “Singaporeans are naturally passionate about durians and almost every Singaporean has an opinion. There is so much to discover about the world of durians beyond what is commonly known in our market. With an event such as the World Durian Championship, workshops and presence of rare hybrids such as the Red Burgundy durian sapling, there is much to engage at this one of a kind event.”

Says Soh Chung-Ky, the Director of Bangi Golf Resort, “This is a great opportunity for durian farmers to showcase their best breeds and also a great platform for the public to taste the best of the best durians out there. It is truly an honor for us to be associated with this event.”
Durian Farmers’ Market

Experience the freshest and best crop from durian producers at this farmers’ market, where durian farmers across Malaysia offer their crops for sale in an open-air bazaar style market. Whether it’s well-loved breeds such as Musang King, D24 or lesser known and more experimental varietals, you will get to taste and buy them in one seating. What’s more, you will get to meet the producers up close and personal. Durian by-products and durian saplings will also be on sale for those keen to grow their own durian trees at home.

World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition

The *judging panel for this Championship includes luminaries in the culinary and durian industry. It comprises of
i. Mr KF Seetoh, founder of and creator and curator of The World Street Food Congress
ii. Ms Lindsay Gasik, founder of and author of two durian books
iii. Mr Hew Chen Choi, the founder of “AKU Semaian & Dusun Hew” and a well- respected figure in the durian industry
iv. Ms Julie Wong, former editor of The Star and Flavors magazine as well as the author of an award-winning cookbook.
v. Chef Bob Kamaruddin, Executive Chef of MAS Awana and President of Professional Culinaire Association (PCA) Malaysia.

*panel may expand closer to the event date
Results of the World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition will be announced around noon time and you can go hunt down all the award winners at the Durian Farmers’ Market.

Durian Fiesta

In the evening, the spotlight will shine on the durian degustation that features the top 3 award-winning durians from each category at the World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition. This means you get to taste the best of durians such as Best Musang King, Blackthorn and D24 at one go. Priced at RM250 per person, this is an opportunity of a lifetime that no durian lover will miss.

Durian Knowledge Forum

For durian producers and those serious about growing durians, there is a stellar line- up of practical workshops, where invited speakers who are experts in the field will share their knowledge.

The speakers are:
• Mr Hew Chen Choi – The founder of “AKU Semaian & Dusun Hew” with over 40 years of experience in the Durian industry.
• Mr YW Too – A passionate planter and keen advocate of avocado planting as an inter-crop species within Durian plantations and orchards.
• Encik Abd Rahman Johari – The main speaker who will be sharing his knowledge and experiences concerning Thailand style Durian growing techniques with the Malaysian Durian farmers. He is a Chemical Engineering graduate from Syracuse University, USA. His areas of specialization are fertilizer and pesticide applications.

This forum will focus on Thai style durian growing techniques and their applications to growing Malaysian durian species like the Musang King and Blackthorn variety.

Thailand’s agricultural practice is amongst the best in the region, and the organizer hopes that the cross pollination of information will inspire new ways of growing durians in Malaysia.

There will also be a practical session as part of the knowledge forum where participants will be given practical insights to planting durians and grafting avocados. Ms Lindsay Gasik, will also present a talk about her book journey for the newly launched The Penang Durian Guide (

Finally, in the spirit of community building and doing our bit to support our country, the organizer has pledged all profits from Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival & Awards 2018 to be donated to Tabung Harapan Malaysia.

For event enquiries, please contact Winny at 012-275-9299 or e-mail

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