Gunung Lambak is a popular hiking and trekking destination for locals and it has become a must-visit getaway for tourists in the know.

Gunung Lambak is situated at an elevation of 510m above the sea level. From Kluang, the distance of Gunung Lambak is around 2km. The place serves as a popular trekking destination for the locals and it has also become a must-visit getaway for tourists coming to Kluang.

It has been developed as a recreational and tourist attraction called Mount Lambak Recreational Forest. Pathways and wooden bridges make it relatively easy to climb to the summit, and a picnic spot at the base of the mountain has car parking, benches, a small children’s playground and toilets. There is also chalet accommodation, camping facilities and a swimming pool.

The mountain has two peaks. The higher one can normally be reached in less than two hours via several paths. From the foothill, there are 3 different trekking paths to the middle of the hill and from there, you can choose 1 among 3 different paths to the top of the hill. The steepness and climbing difficulty varies depending on the track you choose. If you have good fitness level, in order to explore Mount Lambak to the fullest, it is recommended that the 2 uphill tracks that you pick is different from the 2 downhill one.

This mountain is closer to the urban area where elevation is low and the climbling path is so clear, which makes it be a good choice for first-time climbers.

Why not take a visit to Gunung Lambak for a walk when you happen to be in Kluang Johor.

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