Kao Celebrates 50 Years in Malaysia with Commitment to Kirei Lifestyle

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Kao Corporation, a leading beauty and home care company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Malaysia by reaffirming its commitment to the market. Through its Kirei Lifestyle Plan, Kao aims to promote sustainability and a gentler way of living for its customers. The celebrations kick off with the Together for Tomorrow Roadshow at IPC from July 4th to 9th.

Kao recognizes the global demand for sustainable living and is dedicated to helping Malaysians and people worldwide live a beautiful life inside and out. The Kirei Lifestyle Plan encompasses innovation, sustainability goals, and addressing health and social needs.

Kao’s initiatives include decarbonization, zero waste, water conservation, and preventing pollution. The company has been consistently recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 17 consecutive years. Kao’s commitment extends beyond the environment to health and social aspects.

In the realm of public health, Kao’s #GuardOurFuture project introduces the BiorĂ© Guard Mos Block Serum mosquito repellent in Thailand, with plans for expansion across Southeast Asia. The campaign aims to raise awareness about dengue fever and protect communities from mosquito-borne diseases.

Kao is also dedicated to diversity and women’s empowerment. Initiatives support the development of future female leaders and work-life balance. In Malaysia, Kao has been educating young girls through menstrual hygiene workshops. The ‘Laurier School of Confidence,’ in collaboration with PTPTN, instills confidence and rewards eligible students with educational savings accounts.

The Together for Tomorrow roadshow celebrates Kao’s 50th year in Malaysia and invites customers to join the journey of making life beautiful. Collaborations with NGOs like Biji-Biji Initiative and Impaclution focus on sustainability and waste reduction. Kao employees participate in a city clean-up, and collaboration with Impaclution aims to minimize the environmental impact of products through Life Cycle Assessment.

Kao Malaysia looks forward to incorporating action points from the Kirei Lifestyle ESG strategy, aiming to achieve Zero Waste and empower girls and women. Initiatives like the KAO School of Confidence supported by BIORE, LIESE, and LAURIER will contribute to creating a beautiful life for consumers and society.

For more information on Kao’s Kirei Lifestyle Plan, visit: [https://www.kao.com/global/en/sustainability/klp/](https://www.kao.com/global/en/sustainability/klp/)

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