Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online Japanese Vegetarian Cuisines at Zen House

Food Slider We had tried out many types of vegetarian foods such as Chinese Vegetarian, Indian Vegetarian, Western Vegetarian, and many more. But have you ever tried out Japanese Vegetarian foods? What would you have in mind when talking about Japanese Vegetarian?

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Tramadol Cheapest Overnight Recently while we are walking around in Sunway Velocity Mall, we have found an interesting restaurant which is located on the lower ground of the mall named Zen House which is offering Japanese Vegetarian foods. Out of curiosity, we have decided to try it out.

They offer varieties of Japanese food which we could get in a normal Japanese restaurant. Its menu was influenced by the rich cultures of Japan and its foods. Based on the staff’s recommendation, we have tried out some of their best seller dishes such as Zen House Salad (white Lady Turnip Salad with Chef’s Special Dressing), Omakase Moriawase (assorted sushi), Zen House Sashimi Moriawase (assorted sashimi), Cheese Shitake (Deep Fried Brown Mushroom with Cheese) and Goyza (Pan Fried Japanese Dumpling) as the mains. While looking at the menu, we also have ordered some sides highlights from its menu; Asuyaki Tamago (Japanese Omelete), Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Tofu), Horenso Goma (Cold Spinach with Sesame Dressing) and Asparagus Roll (Grilled Ham Roll with Asparagus). Oh ya not forgetting about deserts! We have ordered its Japanese Tofu Cheesecake to end out meals. By looking at the picture presentation, you will never know it’s vegetarian dishes. So do we when the dishes came. We were very impressed with its presentation and after trying it out we were surprised with it too. The texture and taste look almost the same as the real Japanese dish that we will get in the normal Japanese non-vegetarian restaurant. We had never tastes such vegetarian foods that taste so close to the real ones. This also proves that vegetarian food can be flavorsome, creative, and satisfying too!

Tramadol Purchase Canada If you are a fan of Japanese foods but not a vegetarian fan, this restaurant is a good start for you to get hands-on vegetarian foods. Let’s start to be healthier and environmentally friendly now!

For more information, check out Zen House Facebook at

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